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Birthdate: August, 1976
Height: 5 9  Weight: 175 to 185

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Damian Bailey, Personal Trainer / CEO of Damian Bailey Fitness LLC and Actor/Filmmaker-CEO of Glory 2 God Productions LLC has been working out for 13 years in the fitness industry. Born and raised in the South Bronx, Damian a shy, skinny teenager was diagnosed with Severe Scoliosis-A curvature of the spinal cord which caused him to walk lopsided on his right side leading to many snickers and laughter from kids in school.
The spine was becoming too severe so a plastic brace was ordered to be worn 24/7 which made it uncomfortable to wear let alone attend High School with it. The brace didn’t help so the last option was to inject a metal rod in the spine to prevent the curving. The 13-hour operation was a success and Damian’s received a quick recovery in the process thanks to prayer from family. 
Around this time, Damian started his acting career by appearing in TV shows, Theatre and films such as “A Bronx Tale”, “Law and Order” and “All My Children”. Fitness was not even a thought in his mind until his parents was planning to go to the gym on one Memorial Day. Having nothing to do, Damian went along and worked out. Please with the “pump” from his arms that day, he felt that fitness was not such a bad thing. Fast forward to 12 years later, he’s the CEO of his own Private Personal Training business.
In 2005, after working Front Desk for Equinox Fitness NYC for 2 years, he decided to take the extra step to become a Certified Personal Trainer at the gym and became one of the top trainers in the TriBeca Equinox Location. Around the same time he began production on his first feature film SURRENDER aka GANG GIRL, a film on Female gangs while training clients and taking care of his wife and son.
After leaving a successful career in Equinox, he became private and a full time filmmaker with his film getting distribution. Though film is his passion, Fitness is his heart.
“It’s an enduring lifestyle that makes me see things in life more long term instead of short. I always plan ahead and that’s how I train. I train and maintain my shape because I plan to look the same and better at age 75; therefore I don’t lift beyond my limitations causing an injury; the same with life”.
In 2010 Damian will enter in his first bodybuilding competition at the NPC Metropolitan Show on April 3 as a Lightweight in the Novice and Men’s open. Damian, who is all natural-no supplements, etc-plans to pursue Fitness Modeling as another door to enter into Hollywood. Damian was pleased to work with john Mitchell of BB Pics to take fitness shots. John’s work is very professional, top notch and talented.
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