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Birthdate: January, 1978
Height: 5 10  Weight: 176 to 183

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§  The lifestyle that means the world to me! My personal thoughts envision your goals keep the dream reality and follow through until you succeed!
§  I personally suffer from asthma which has changed my own lifestyle for some time now but i learned to cope with it and challenge myself to the fullest with every chance.
Hello I’m Jesse Wright aka. redmann
I'm from San Antonio, Texas.   Fitness is a deep passion of mine! I'm a certified personal trainer threw ISSA where I have learned a lot.  I personally feel and think it's awesome to help others achieve their fitness goals and see the smile on their faces from progress made.
I'm a new competitor and enjoy Bodybuilding as well as fitness comps!  I’ve competed in the Texas shredder Austin Texas came in the top five yet still work to do before I can progress forward, and the in Toronto Canada where I took first place in my category in which both were an awesome learning experience for the future shows.
Now learning the ways of working with photographers, who capture the moment teaching me the ropes of the modeling side of the business.  This is also an awesome experience and is helping me further my journey and the name John Mitchell comes to mind on this subject.
I'm driven and determined and others who know me say I'm a pretty humble guy who knows what he wants I usually just smile because the dedication has driven me thus far and plan to pursue my dream until I stumble upon a brick wall that I must figure out how to triumph and surpass.   My mom asked me a question once when I told her my plan on life and what I expected to achieve she asked me If I was ready and I wasn't sure but I knew  mentally I was prepared to try my best and give my all! After stepping on stage the first time absorbing the crowed and the hard work that led me to taking that challenge I know I’m ready to take the journey!
For me fitness has always been there just not on the level I know push myself at. At first it was to just have the tone look even though I was a lil 150 lb. guy.   I was diagnosed with asthma and I noticed it helped my lungs stay stronger and I could get around better because before the gym my body was always tired and felt week but the gym gave me a new breath of fresh air! Since on I decided to take my gym efforts past my usual and excel and when I did I had thoughts of competing so from 2009 until current 2010 I’ve  exceed my expectations and pressing on to the next stepping stone until whatever the last one reads!
Currently I train 5-6 times a week hitting two body parts or switching up at points to just one muscle group. I start the day off with a multi vitamin and hit the gym in the evening keeping a sound diet which is not really a diet for me anymore except when it comes to competing other than that the regular dieting is really just a way of life which is healthier and keeping me running at a high tempo like a high performance car.  Our bodies are also impressive machines if you focus on that task.
Outside of the fitness world I’m pretty humble the aggressiveness is for the gym!  I put the lord first in all I do and thank him always.  My Mom Toni P lol red lady is my Idol then there The Oak, and Chad Shaw.  There is a beautiful woman currently in my life inside and out whom I adore hope our path stays strong and our friendship continues to grow!   I love motorcycles, sports, snowboarding, art, and my all-time favorite pass time Traveling! Seeing the world fills my inner peace just the total experience excites me.
I also enjoy working with awesome photographers and I’ve had the pleasure of working with John Mitchell of love his work. He has a true eye for the job and puts the true meaning of dedication and hard work in every shoot and I see it firsthand working with him.  He is a real down to earth guy and knows his craft, cares about the individual, and helpful in giving you tips to help you progress in what you seek!     Thx a lot John….redmann. 
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