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Birthdate: November, 1986
Height: 6 4   Weight: 215

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I’ve never been one to talk about myself. I always felt that if there was something important to tell, it would speak for itself. When people have to talk about themselves, I usually find there is not much there worth hearing as their attempts only cheapens their accomplishments
I came into this world on November 15th in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The youngest of a family of four consisting my older sister that to this day remain my closest friends and forever my inspiration to continue the journey, no matter how uphill and how few footsteps are found along the way, for the finish line reveals the reality of one’s dreams. I guess if I had to reduce the ever growing list of attributes learned from my parents to only two characteristics that, if not for them I would never possess, it would be confidence and work ethic. No matter where my mind drifted to, my folks said I could take the trip mentally as well as physically through the payment of hard work; a lesson not only told by them, but also one I witnessed through their life. They were never preachers about unfamiliar ground, they always told the story in the first person. Growing up, my folks were the complete package, the story book parents that kids only dream about. They kicked my ass when I was out of line, picked me up when I needed support, had my back and walked in the shadows when I dared to go out on a limb, turned a smile into laughter, and always were present in my darkest hours with a shoulder to lean on and a hug to give me the strength to get back on my feet. The greatest of times in anyone’s life are not just lived, but also constantly relived through the use of memories that are forever stored in our minds. Memories run long in my mind, and as I write this and revisit so many concurrently, I cannot think of a single one that my parents were not directly or indirectly apart of. I can only hope to be half the role model to my kids one day as my parents was to me. My sister has always been a constant source of motivation and strength for me. Without her and my parents i wouldn’t be here today...
I fell in love with working out about three years ago right after high school and it’s been a hell of a journey for me ... For me it’s not a job it’s just the love. I wake up every day and go i don’t do it cause i want to look good i just do it so one day it might take me somewhere, but when i started i had no idea what i was doing i would always ask people questions and opinions with everything i did that’s how i got to where i am in the first place. Fitness became a big part of my life but without my dad i probably wouldn’t be doing this he is a big support for me with everything i do ... I think if one can go through life with no regrets, then they have lived a good life. Easy to say, harder to live, but once lived, even for a moment, it rewards you with a tremendous amount of fulfillment, far too many people look at failure in a negative way. Sure, it has all the negative connotations to it, but what is also has is a report card on where you came up short. That is the beauty of failure. What you do with it will determine how successful you are in your life...
I meet John in Venice beach i was working out on the beach and he approached me i didn’t know what to expect from him but he asked me to do a shoot. Working with John of was an honor for me I must say he is one of the top photographers out there one of the best I’ve worked with... the only time he made me mad was eating that delicious looking subways in front of me before we shot. The shots turned out great, and now I have even more credentials to add to my portfolio. John has been a true friend, and professional individual and I appreciate all the time he has put into helping me get where I am going. And i would love to work with him again...
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