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Birthdate: October, 1992
Height: 5 11  Weight: 185, 175 to 210

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My name is Robin Strand and I am a Canadian Teen Bodybuilder. My first competition was the UFE Spring Bash on April 10th, 2010 where I won first place in the junior division. My second competition was the OPA Festival City Championships where I also won first place in the junior division. My latest competition was the OPA Ontario Provincial Championships where, again, I won first place in the junior division. The next competition I am planning to win is the 2012 Canadian nationals.

In my first year of high school, I was skinny, and I mean SKINNY. 5”11, 120lbs skinny. I got into track and field as a mid-distance runner and continued track and field until grade 10, where I started playing rugby. The beginning of grade 11 was when I started becoming interested in working out. At the time, I had recently got a job at a local restaurant where my boss was a bodybuilder. One day, we got into the conversation of rugby and working out, and he asked me if I wanted to borrow his Arnold Schwarzenegger Encyclopedia. That night, I took it home and read it cover to cover (it actually probably took about a week).

After finishing the book, I decided I would buy a Wal-Mart weight set and start working out at home. I asked him questions every day, and after asking him a question about a specific exercise, he asked if I wanted to join him for a workout at a local gym. I accepted, and that’s how it all began.

From the beginning of grade 11 until the beginning of grade 12, I had gained 50 pounds. I would read articles, magazines, books and websites searching for information on building muscle. During grade 12, I learned more and more about my body and started becoming more and more serious about bodybuilding. January 2010 was when I decided I wanted to compete in a bodybuilding show, and ended up competing in three.
I have just recently started an online Youtube channel that stars myself in varying bodybuilding and fitness related videos. The goal of my channel is to help teach others how to reach their goals by providing informative videos. My videos include training, diet, competitions and more. Youtube has been a great place to network and promote myself.

The future looks bright for me and I want to give FUSION Bodybuilding a big thank you for all the support. Currently, I am focusing on getting myself out there, training hard and working toward achieving my goals. In 2012, I will compete in the Canadian nationals and become Jr. Mr. Canada.

I enjoy modeling a lot and hope to pursue a career in modeling as well. This was my very first shoot with and it was a great experience. John is very professional and an all around great guy to work with. He knows a lot about the modeling business and will definitely be working with him again in the future.

All I have to say now is to keep your ears open for me, as I will be continuously improving and always rising. Stay tuned for and

Thanks to everyone who has helped me come this far already and I know those are the same people who will help me get even father.

Robin Strand, Junior bodybuilding champion. 
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