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Birthdate: July, 1980
Height: 5 11   Weight: 205 to 216

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I was born and raised in Turkey. I did many sports as a competitive level such as soccer, swimming, tennis, bicycle racing, taekwondo, and basketball and ended up with bodybuilding when I turned to 16. I was always big fan of marvel comics, he-man and Arnold of course as super muscular heroes. I have been doing bodybuilding for almost 14 years now.
In 1998, I went to Cyprus for my undergrad education on Marketing Degree. I started to run the school’s gym and started to compete in some shows between Turkey and Cyprus.
Then 2004 I came to Philadelphia to do my Master Degree on Business. With school and work, it was so hard to compete in these days. I was just going to gym and trying to eat healthy.
I started to go to pro shows and expos in states all over. Got many good connections with all the best athletes, judges, promoters and etc. After I finished school I moved back to Turkey and served in the army. Then right after army created my bodybuilding clothing line and made big events on bodybuilding fitness industry such as bringing famous Professional Athletes from Europe and Jay Cutler from states.
After 2009 decided to move back to states and picked sunny California to live. I am currently living at Los Angeles and training here.
I met with the great photographer John BBpics with the reference of some friends from my gym. I checked his works his done and saw him very talented and successful on what he does. Then, right away I contacted with him and I was lucky enough to take some photos with him few days later when he came to Los Angeles for work purposes. 
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