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Height: 6 1   Weight: 193 to 200

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Ian’s passion is to help you achieve your fitness goals. He graduated from The College of Wooster earning a degree in Chemistry and later worked towards a Masters degree in Acting at Wayne State University. Ian spent years acting professionally; but, always felt driven to follow his true passion: helping others find the same love of fitness and consequently improving their lives. “During my life I have been involved in a multitude of different activities; however, it has been fitness and exercise that has always been central to all that I do.” Ian loves working out and really enjoys helping others find that same joy. “It’s hard to believe I know, but working out really can be fun.” Ian is a believer in doing. Anyone can “Talk the Talk”; however, it takes a motivated person to take charge of their life and “Walk the Walk.” Ian wants to help you take that first step and “Walk the Walk.” Do yourself a favor and make a decision now to improve your life forever. TAKE ACTION TODAY TO IMPROVE YOUR TOMORROW! 
In order to better serve his Personal Training clients thru his own inspirational transformation, he has delved into fitness modeling.  Recently he shot with BBpics in this pursuit.  The other models he worked with during the shoot were great guys with a lot of potential.  John was really helpful in coaching the poses to maximize to capture the hard work put in at the gym.

  • CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)
  • CSPI (Certified Spencer Pilates Instructor)
  • American Red Cross certified in C.P.R.
  • Former Personal Trainer of NFL Linebacker Paris Lenon
  • Trained Numerous Athletes that went on to earn Athletic Scholarships
  • Trained “Ford’s Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge in Southeastern Michigan.”
  • First Team All-Conference Linebacker (The College of Wooster)
  • First Team All-Conference 4x100meter Relay (The College of Wooster)
  • Track Team Captain (The College of Wooster)
  • Heaviest Total Lift in Wooster Football History 1605 lb. (Non-Linemen)
  • Heaviest Bench Press in Wooster Football History 400 lb. (Non-Linemen)
  • Combine Bench Press Personal Record (33 Repetitions with 225 lb.)
  • First Degree Black Belt (Coszack's Karate Club Zanesville, OH)
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