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Birthdate: August, 1990
Height: 6 Weight: 215 to 220

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Hi. I’m Casey and I am an aspiring fitness model. Fitness and sports have filled my life. I'm one of seven children, all of which are involved in sports. Growing up there was always something active going on. I was always playing sports, either organized or the backyard variety. Being in great shape has always been a constant in my live. I never knew a time I didn't have six-pack abs. I was always the kid with noticeable muscle mass. Through sports I have become a very motivated person. I've known the taste of success, never known how to give less than 100%.
Football has been a big part of my life. My family is and always has been heavily involved in the sport. During high school I was one of the standout players. I made varsity football as well as lacrosse as a freshman. My first year in High School I was a starter for the freshman team on Thursdays, a starter for the junior varsity team on Saturdays and suited up for the varsity on Friday nights. This was my first attempt at how to balance a hectic schedule. My senior year was full of responsibility as a captain of the football team. I wasn't as physically big in high school as I am now but I worked hard and put my heart into working out in the gym and working hard on the field. Over the past couple of years I have achieved greater size and speed. I run a 4.6 second 40 yard dash. A 34inch vertical jump and a 9 foot 3inch broad jump. I bench 275, squat 455 and dead lift 405 all for sets of ten. In my eyes it is not about the weight you can push, it’s about the art of the human machine that moves that kind of weight. The human body always has room for improvement, there is no FINISH LINE. My goals are just that, to keep working hard on my body and push myself to the brink, then start again the next day.
My workout regimen is very complex. I am always switching things up to shock my muscles. I work out with heavy weights one week and the next lighter weight with more reps. every week I use different workouts so my body doesn't plateau. I do the same thing with cardio. I run long distance one day and shorter intervals with higher intensity another. For the past 3 years I have lacked in the cardio aspect and focused more on the lifting weights part. Now I am more motivated than ever to get my body in the best shape and condition it can be.
I work at Sportika Export. The leading supplier of fitness supplements around the world. From working at Sportika I am always around the world of fitness and believe me, it's definitely a world of its own. I am learning more and more about the human body, its limitless potential and how proper fitness and nutrition is the key to success. The human body is a book that has no ending and I plan to continue reading. I'm going to take all the opportunities that come with this job and do all I can to maximize my potential.
On a personal note, I'm a down to earth guy. I love the outdoors and my favorite hobby is hunting. The feeling of being outside and becoming one with the woods and the roots of nature is what pulls me in to spending time outdoors. I also enjoy hiking and have a passion for drawing. It may seem strange to see a big guy with a paint brush but I feel comfortable with one in my hand. Being artistic runs in my family and follows in the footsteps of my mother and grandmother. I'm a person who is very involved with my family and being one of seven has allowed me to get plenty of great memories with my siblings and parents. A quote that I live by is as follows, "I don't care how poor a man is- if he has family, he's rich."

Working with John has been a wonderful experience. He is a very personable guy who is very professional. From the first time John and I spoke on the phone we hit it off. He knows what shots will look good and which won't. I would like to make something of this opportunity and show the world that you can be healthy and look great too. I am definitely looking forward to progressing and moving forward with John and pursuing all career opportunities that come my way.


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