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Birthdate: August, 1988
Height: 6 Weight: 180

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My name is David McKahan, I’m 24 years old, and I really like to work out. Seriously though, I’m no body builder, and I don’t play sports so the best way for me to describe myself is as a Fitness Enthusiast. Aside from vitamins, protein and arginine supplements, I am 100 percent natural. I live in the middle of the United States, in Kansas City, Missouri. I am a recent college graduate and work full-time for PepsiCo, and one of the most rewarding aspects in my life is being able to work out and train my body almost every day. While I was in college I personal trained and worked for the local GNC franchise store and worked in the bars/clubs for extra money. I’ve always tried to stay busy and productive but have always found time to work out. I lift because I enjoy lifting. I’m not going to lie, it’s nice to receive positive reinforcement through compliments but there is nothing better than an awesome pump. That’s about as “meat-head” as I get. I don’t worry so much about the overall weight or numbers but focus primarily on form and proper recruiting of the muscle.
Honestly, Lifting started as something that was required for football practice or gym class. I was never really fond of having to lift and back then I really didn’t like doing the workouts we were forced into doing, especially during football season. I was much thicker back then but not very cut, and I was only like 17 so muscle maturity was non-existent. I honestly believe that lifting can’t be forced; you really have to explore the option for yourself. I began lifting the way I do now when I was a senior in high school. I had just moved to a new school and my dad set me up with a gym membership to a local gym. I really wanted to be as ripped and cut up as I could before my senior year of high school so I began working specific body parts on specific days and eventually began using supplements. I started doing a chest/tri day, back/bi day, shoulders/forearms day, legs day routine during the week. I did this routine, altering the workouts and weights, all through college. I always focused on form and pretty much just super-set everything. I mixed in some cardio boxing/speed bag training and usually took it easy on the weekends. Through a lot of trial and error, I’ve refined the workouts I do, and I always have a good time in the gym. I’m a very unserious person who is serious about their physique, so I always have a good time in the weight room.
I have one simple thing to say about my diet. I eat everything….except junk food.                                                              
For me, working out is the ultimate cure-all. I don’t let it absorb my life or define me as a person but damn, I love doing it. At this point in my life, I don’t hold any awards or accolades and I’ve never competed on any level but whether it’s due to the social interaction at the gym, the biological effect of all those endorphins rushing or the psychological self-esteem boost you get from being in shape, or a little bit of it all, I have to say, it’s a pretty good hobby.
Like many things I do, I am taking a relatively passive approach to any sort of modeling or fitness photography. I enjoy being photographed and I enjoy working out, so I figured I might as well have someone photograph me working out. This is my first photo shoot and I was fortunate enough to be able to work with John for my first go around. He was very professional and was great to work with him because he really cared about what he was doing. The entire process was very educational and was actually a little tougher than what I thought it was going to be. I’m glad I actually decided to take the next step and have a few pictures taken.

John, thanks for the pictures and putting up with my sense of humor-------Dave. 



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