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Birthdate: May, 1981
Height: 5 11 Weight: 185

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In his native Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Camell (“Cam”) Safin Page first became interested in sports and fitness at the age of 9. Throughout his youth he played football and basketball and ran track. He enjoyed sports and the coincident development of his physique.

His attention to diet and nutrition also benefitted his physical development and well-being. And his stint as a fitness trainer in Philadelphia enhanced his understanding of the link between nutrition and true fitness. He continues to promote and to practice a healthy lifestyle that combines diet and nutrition on the one hand and workout routines for building and toning on the other.

Still always willing to share with others his knowledge of both sides of his healthy regimen, Cam left behind his work as a personal trainer when lured in front of the camera by a Philadelphia photographer. He has loved the camera ever since – and as you can witness for yourself, the camera loves him.

Moving into modeling was a natural result of his enthusiasm for sports and for training. He was willing to share with the world the results of his hard work, knowledge and commitment. While his hard work in the gym continues, he has expanded his exploits in modeling – moving from the Northeast to Atlanta to South Florida and beyond. He has been working with some of the country’s best photographers and has enjoyed their varying styles, concepts, advice and suggestions. Whether walking down a runway or gracing the pages of a magazine, Cam embodies masculinity while promoting designer clothing, or food and drink, or sports equipment or fast boats and faster cars. He looks forward to promoting YOUR next event or your newest product. Most recently, Cam has embarked on a business venture with two colleagues in Florida for a unique clothing line. You can learn about it first on his Facebook page in the near future.

While some have suggested that Cam’s signature abs are his trademark, most in the modeling industry agree that he embodies an ideal image from head to toe. Cam wants to become and intends to become the most prominent male model of his generation. His next step on that quest begins this spring in Florida, then this summer on the French Riviera, and later this fall in London, Brussels and Paris where he will pose for some of Europe’s finest photogs. But you can catch him NOW here at BBPics.

“Working with John here at BBPics was a blast. We had talked about shooting together and were happy to finally make it happen on Key Biscayne in Florida recently. He is by far the easiest guy to work with and we all had a lot of fun during the shoot. The settings that he chose were phenomenal and enhanced both the photos and the experience. His direction was both friendly and confident, and he made it all so very easy. I cannot wait to work with him again in Connecticut as soon as the weather becomes more hospitable. Thanks, John.” 


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