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Birthdate: March, 1991
Height: 6 3 Weight: 200
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The First Artist Managed By The Late Frank DiLeo After

 Michael Jackson, KUBA Has Recorded Another Single

With Flavor Flav of Public Enemy (“Come To America”)

And Is Developing His Powerhouse Stage Show With

VMA Award Winner Laurieann Gibson, Creative Architect

For Lady Gaga


Having guided Michael Jackson during the King of Pop’s heyday, veteran industry executive and personal manager Frank DiLeo knew a budding superstar when he met one. Meeting the charismatic KUBA Ka after KUBA’s arrival in Los Angeles, he connected immediately with the Polish born entertainer’s multitude of musical talents. He saw a visionary potential multi-media force who could do it all in the music industry – singer, songwriter, recording artist, explosive stage performer.

Signing KUBA as his first client since MJ’s untimely death, DiLeo also saw his intensely ambitious client’s vast branding potential beyond just establishing his musical career.

He learned about KUBA’s massive success as a teen star in Poland, when he performed for thousands of screaming girls in the largest arenas, hosted and performed an annual all-star show (with 45 other entertainers, including actress Vanessa Redgrave) to raise money for RSPCA (the UK’s leading animal welfare charity, founded by Queen Elizabeth) and became a traveling ambassador for UNICEF at 15. The Polish edition of ELLE Magazine named him as one of the greatest men of 2001, and KUBA was on the cover of many magazines (including Reader’s Digest) and even received mentioned in Polish schoolbooks.

DiLeo immediately envisioned a massive tour for KUBA Ka’s Kingdom, driven by a multi-media stage show complete with dancing and singing army soldiers. DiLeo immediately set KUBA up at Capitol Studios to record his debut album.

When DiLeo passed away in August, 2011, it could have been the end of KUBA’s dreams to make his mark in the U.S. Instead, the unexpected loss fueled him even more, and KUBA is now as crazy-busy as ever, developing his infectious pop/hip-hop/dance vibe with renowned hip-hop artists and producers, recording and releasing tracks and—keeping his vision on the big picture he and DiLeo imagined–working on expansive branding opportunities with a vengeance. 

Hooking up via La Toya Jackson’s management with the Universal-distributed Bungalo Records, KUBA recently shipped his debut single “Stop Feenin’” to radio; KUBA co-wrote and produced the track with Sean Garrett, legendary for his chart-topping hits with Ludacris, Usher, Nicki Minaj, Mario, Britney Spears, Mary J. Blige and Janet Jackson.

KUBA’s in progress debut album will also include a spirited, tongue-in-cheek track called “Come To America,” written and produced with Flavor Flav, renowned for his years as part of groundbreaking rap group and Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Public Enemy. Four time Grammy nominated producer and re-mixer Steve “Silk” Hurley recorded KUBA’s hot dance song “Physical Attraction” and did the club mix of “In The Streets,” which premiered in 2012 at the Miami Dance Music Festival (Winter Music Conference).

It didn’t take long for KUBA, who has been dubbed by critics as the “Stage Animal” for his high octane live performances, to put together a powerhouse team to help him develop an explosive stage show. Helping him develop his “KUBA Ka – King of the Night” concept is Laurieann Gibson, a VMA Award winner and Emmy nominated choreographer who is the creative director behind the extravagant productions of Lady Gaga (and now Nicki Minaj). KUBA says that beyond the powerful music and stunt choreography, he envisions set pieces like a Lamborghini and BMW 5 (said to be the fastest car in the world), along with lasers and explosions.

“More than likely, our best option to begin with to establish my brand is becoming the opening act for a major artist,” says KUBA, who recently performed in Los Angeles at  an international cultural event called “Nollywood Works: For African Cinema” and did a live taping for a promotional DVD August 28 at the legendary Whisky-A-Go-Go on Sunset. “From my very early childhood, I felt the force of nature to become the entertainer. That’s who I am, driven by all parts of me. The stage is my life, and the show is my world! I like to say that I don’t like to perform concerts but shows – meaning that production values are a key part of the experience. My favorite thing is when people come to a show but don’t know who I am – and by the time they leave, they are singing along to my songs, screaming and having a wonderful time.”

Gibson says, “I can see his dedication, and can connect with the vision that KUBA has. We are going to build an epic entertainment experience that has been a dream of his for a very long time.”

KUBA’s dream kingdom also includes his multi-media website (, which is an online destination and social hub for his fan club, store and his KUBA Kingdom video game. He is working with top designers to roll out the KUBA Ka Collection, which will include both athletic and military clothing lines. The athletic items will include baseball jackets, T-shirts, tank tops and boxer shorts; the military line will feature GI Joe styled (green and black with gold accents) jackets and pants. Part of KUBA’s fitness lifestyle branding will eventually include a special training DVD and book, collaboration with trainer Stan McQuay.

In conjunction with his many entertainment endeavors, KUBA has also established his humanitarian organization, KUBA Ka Army of Lights, whose purpose, he says, is to “shine the light of entertainment in the darkest places in the world.” Fully in line with his years as a teen star and ambassador when he traveled on behalf to UNICEF to raise money and awareness for humanitarian crises in Kenya, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt, KUBA’s Army of Lights will focus on children suffering from cancer and HIV-related illnesses both in the U.S. and overseas. It’s likely that Army of Lights will also have a school program.

In an unprecedented move, KUBA vows to listen to his fans’ suggestions for causes and places with the greatest needs. “One of the things that is most important to me is establishing a connection with people, whether by song, live performance, film or mutual interests in helping others,” he says.

When KUBA was 17, he envisioned that the ultimate step in taking his entertainment career to its full potential was building a magical fantasy destination called KUBA Ka Kingdom. He bought a huge plot of land by the sea in Poland, but the project was derailed by objections by Polish political and business figures—who constantly fought against him because of the power of his massive cultural impact on the younger generation.

Fixing his sites now on Las Vegas, KUBA has invested a million dollars of his childhood earnings to be a partner with TR Las Vegas in the development there of KUBA Ka Kingdom – a hotel and casino built around the KUBA brand and experience. On board as chief architect is Tom Wright from Atkins Global, who created the iconic seven-star Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. As KUBA’s press materials say, “In this journey of dreams, his wild power becomes a statement of the warrior who stands for making believe that everything is possible.”

Among those who have encouraged his vision is the legendary German vocal group and UK sensation Boney M, which encouraged KUBA to move to London, where he lived and developed his career before moving to the U.S.; Boney M was one of many artists that KUBA invited to perform at his international charity concerts during his teen years.

“We are still far away from KUBA Ka Kingdom becoming a reality, but the architectural plans to realize my vision are in motion, and we are attracting investors from throughout the world,” says KUBA. “The hotel and casino will be built on a man-made island, surrounded by water, which will look like a crystal diamond mountain. The only way tourists will get there is by crossing bridges, and the passports they use for that will also include electronic access to all the attractions. The specifics are slowly coming together but I know there will be a lot of jungle animals and we will be building a stadium for various performers and a beautiful Cirque Du Soleil-type show about how the kingdom happened. I will perform my show on occasion but not all the time. The idea is that this is my kingdom and I will be fantasy ruler, but we will have a lot of great entertainers.”


Working with nationally published fitness photographer John of

“It was a great adventure to pose for John of, who is such a master of fitness photography! I am the entertainer since my childhood, and I did a lot of photo shoots, but working with John was totally unique! He has such an epic vision, and he is so focused on presenting you in this "grand hero style"! What a thrill! I was working solo with John, and with other great fitness models, on Muscle Beach in Los Angeles - what made this all really fun 2 days shoot. What I learn as I enter the fitness world, that it's a most amazing kind of art - as your own body is your temple - and it deserves to be in best frame what means your shape. It has both - visual and spiritual aspect, and when you see your body develop you feel simply the best :)!” 



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