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Birthdate: March, 1982
Height: 5 8 Weight: 185 to 190
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Aloha from the East Coast! Jordan David here and I am a “DO-er!” For those of you who aren't familiar with this saying, this is the John of way of explaining the difference between those who want to train hard, and do an EQUALLY intense photo session in order to best portray their results.

Before I explain anything about my past or progression to my current physique, I must express my gratitude to John for all his time and expertise in helping me get where I am. There are photographers who simply snap a picture of you, and what you see is what you get. Then, there are the photographers who PUSH you...not just for THAT shoot, but for what progress you can make going forward to the next shoot. Shooting with John is not always easy- the poses you have to maintain and weights you have to support will often leave you exhausted at the end of the day. However, the end result speaks for itself...there is a reason it's called BB pics. The only question is...are YOU man/woman enough to be a bodybuilder? To make changes?

My story begins in 2000. As a senior in high school- I wasn't much to look at. All of 5'5, 135 lbs soaking wet- glasses, and acne. Wasn't exactly the sort that was going to get asked to the prom, or even hang with the 'in' crowd. My older brother was a huge influence on me- although we were raised affluent and didn't neccessarily 'need' the Army or GI Bill to support our educational growth, he enlisted anyhow, prior to college. He had the intention of becoming an Army officer, but wanted to serve enlisted first so that he'd have the viewpoint from both sides of the fence. Given that Mom and Dad were so proud of him- I ended up following in his footsteps and enlisting as well.

If you want to talk about a complete body/mind metamorphasis, then joining the Army and specifically requesting assignment to an Airborne(paratrooper) unit, is IT. By the end of the summer...just 11 weeks after leaving small town USA in Connecticut- I was 5'7, 158. 23 lbs and 2 inches taller. At the begining of basic training I couldn't even do 30 push ups. At the end, 112 in a two minute time span. I've always had a fast metabolism- so training the abs is something I fortunately don't have to do as regularly and still can look great.

After completing time on active duty with the Army, I returned to New England to attend college at Roger Williams University, in Bristol RI. It's here that I first discovered the joys of free weights. I ate like a beast in the dining hall, and trained furiously- 2+ hours a day! And do you know what my progress was? NOTHING! Finally, one of the upperclassmen took me aside and asked me- "Are you ready to get big yet? Stop lifting so much- you're overtraining." He devised a workout regimen for me based on one or two opposing muscle groups a day, nothing more. Rest days were planned every three days- and given my fast metabolism- he told me to eat as much as possible and don't worry about can cut up later.

Within a year, I progressed from 158 to 168; and by the time time I finished college, I was pushing 180. The lesson learned here for any of you newcomers to fitness that might be reading this- NEVER BE AFRAID TO ASK QUESTIONS FROM THOSE THAT CLEARLY KNOW MORE. Had I had the guts or just abandoned my pride and simply asked for help that freshmen year of college- my gains would have been even faster larger. You just have to ask- and people will generally offer their help and knowledge. It gives me HUGE satisfaction nowadays to be asked a question from a much younger person looking to change their bodies- and when I see them adding plates on the bars, and making PROGRESS...I feel like it's job well done.

Currently, I work as a marketing consultant (on the road all week; so it's difficult to eat and train right) during the weekdays, and as a male exotic dancer on the weekends. Thus, there's a financial reason for me to keep my body in tip top shape. Although creatine is great for strength and endurance- I find that the extra water it holds in your body really bloats you out and keeps gains from being apparent. My staple of supplements revolves around glutamine, amino acids, fish oil, and heavy weight gainer powder. Currently, I weigh in at around 184; with weights sometime getting up into the low 190's depending if I'm able to eat right and pack on some muscle. My goal for 2014 is to finally crest 200- have been trying for ages.

I had an opportunity to attend the 2013 Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas, NV. Everything you think of bodybuilding changes the instant you attend the expo, and again at the live show itself. Each gym across this country has it's own 'big guy'- who is the strongest, leanest, meanest, most motivated guy in there. Well, picture 14,000 of the 'biggest guys' from each of the small gyms around the nation...buying tickets and are the FANS in the crowd at this event, further appreciating the even BETTER physiques of the competitors themselves! I've never seen so many complete 'goons' in one place in my life- and it's the type of thing that motivates you to want to stand out even more...but you gotta train harder, eat harder, and sleep harder! This industry and sport is a complete live it, and it lives you.

What I liked most about shooting with John of Location, Location, Location. Many photographers who work in a studio take some great pictures- but guess what? That's because they have a stable location and lighting that never changes. Every game for them is a 'home game'. A great photographer is one who is able to drive down the road, see a waterfall and the way it is framed by some trees, and say to himself- "A model posed at a 45 degree angle doing a side chest shot here would be AWESOME". You are imagining a great shot, before you even have a model there. Thus, the outdoor shoots I've done with John have been great. You have to be patient because of lighting changes (clouds, weather, etc.), and also about people gawking around you (it happens), but, the end result of the pictures is something that you will have on your phone, be sending to friends and family, and have plastered all over Facebook. John has been instrumental in photographing a bunch of fitness friends that I have, and his name is well known and circulated in the industry. Any need for a referral on him, please feel free to email me. He has done wonders for myself and the guys I have worked with.






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