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Birthdate: November, 1994
Height: 5 9  Weight: 175
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I am an 18 year old from Arizona and am an aspiring aesthetic athlete, bodybuilder, and future competitor. I haven't always been a big fitness junkie though; my Junior and Senior year of high school, my weight fluctuated a lot and I found myself a stalky 190 and only 5"8'. I was a bulky kid and it was expected to be thick when playing linebacker and fullback. I always loved weight lifting since I started high school. Especially powerlifting, which in the long run helped me gain well developed muscle. I never really knew what to do with the training experience until a little less than a year ago. 

 I started following a fitness account and bodybuilder from England by the name Adam Charlton. I was amazed with his physique and how well developed and in shape he was. I could say that was the initial inspiration for me to obtain a healthy lifestyle and begin my fitness and well-being journey. I started off at the end of my senior year football season in December. I hit the ground running, I read up on all these different bodybuilders and their programs, diets, training etc. I researched healthy, natural supplementation that would help me improve my body during and after workouts. I created hybrid routines of my favorite bodybuilders and change routines a little under every month. My diet is all prepared weekly meal combinations of lean meats (fish, chicken, and turkey), fruits and vegetables, and whole grain carbs (pasta, brown rice, and quinoa). Ever since then I have stuck to a strict routine, and a hard, clean diet (not including a once weekly cheat meal haha). My body has improved drastically in a little less than 8 months. I am currently 5'9" and 175 lbs. 

I plan on taking my body to the next level and seriously competing after I build more lean muscle and better my definition. I am only 18 so I have plenty of time to perfect my physique. I would love to be an inspiration to the youth that want to join the fitness world and inspire them to live a healthy lifestyle. This is a wonderful life experience and I recommend anyone who wants to dedicate their lives to this to take it as serious as I am. It will get tough at times but you have to push through and stay true to the plan. 

Working with the one and only John of was a one of a kind experience. I can definitely say that it was the most enjoyable time in my fitness career up to this point. I recommend any serious bodybuilder to work with him. He is true natural light photography and will show the real results of all your hard work through his high-end photography.







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