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Paul Tornabene

Birthdate: April, 1983
Height: 5 11 Weight: 180

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I was born and raised in Suffolk County, on Long Island, NY. While in High School there, I participated in several sports such as Wrestling and several years of private league Hockey. During this time, I started weight training with a focus on increasing my athletic ability.

Once I began college, I dedicated my free time to keeping a high level of fitness, and trying to maintain peak athletic conditioning.

As part of my regimen, I maintain a steady and healthy diet, and exercise 6 days a week. 5 days of lifting, 1 or 2 body parts a day, and one day of cardio and plyometrics to increase speed and explosiveness. As a general rule of training, I try to mix up the order and types of exercises I do, in order to keep my body guessing and maintain the effectiveness of my workouts.

Now, as I finish my accounting degree at Hofstra University, I plan on continuing my regiment, and following a career in law enforcement.

Through my training I have worked with and heard about several different photographers, and without a doubt, John Mitchell was one of the best I have worked with. He had a great outlook, was always fun, and made me feel comfortable all the time. John not only took great pictures, but also helped me develop my style and gave me advice to help me along my way. It was an awesome experience overall.

I would also like to thank Bill Terry, my photographer here in Long Island for helping me out and getting me set up with John, as well as Josh and Scott, BBpics clients who shot with me, for assisting me, giving great input and being awesome to work with.

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