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Birthdate: February, 1984
Height: 5 8  Weight: 175
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My name is Anthony Gilchrest and I am from Westchester, New York. I am 30 years old and I am new to the fitness world.

Over the past few years I've worked in the entertainment industry. I worked at one of the leading talent agencies in the world Creative Artist Agency as a mailroom assistant. After that I worked as a production assistant on such shows as New Jersey Housewives and Pregnant In Heels. I was also a part of the crew for commercials for companies like Chase and Macy's. I am currently working on writing a couple of TV shows and movies and will hopefully begin my own production in the near future.

I started training about a year and a half ago, mainly to look hot and buff up but as I got into the process it became more. There is a science to body building and physique conditioning and I want to know all about it. I am currently working on getting certified with International Sports Sciences Association, in personal training and fitness nutrition. I want to help others achieve their fitness goals while continuing to further mine. Along with the certifications I am gearing up to compete in my first Men's Physique Competition. I am hoping I can hold my own against my fellow competitors and one day become a Pro. I am also interested in doing some fashion and fitness modeling as a part of my new found career.

Eating clean and training hard are the only ways to get to the top, so I am in the gym every day. I joined a great gym with great support for the sport of fitness.

My training consists of working everybody part each week. I do concentrate on one area at a time but I may add a few other body parts just to break things up and make my training fun. I am always adding new workouts to work muscles in a different way; it also helps to spice things up. I do research on muscle groups and the best exercises for them and I try them out, there is nothing wrong with trying and failing as long as you try again. I do every exercise in the book. I usually train one area for two days then give it a rest and down the road during that week I will do a small exercise for that muscle group. I found that taking my time and getting the right form and then adding weight is the best way to go. I also do 20-30 minutes of cardio and abs at the end of my training session.

Eating has to be one of my favorite things in the world, so the fact that I can eat up to 6 meals a day makes me very happy. I try and keep my meals simple but fun. I eat everything from, turkey meat, steak, eggs, oatmeal, and tilapia, chicken and salmon. There's too much to list. I prepare my meals each week so I don’t have to worry about what I am eating. I make my breakfast everyday and buy health snacks to help with the cravings. I won’t hide that fact that I still eat Oreos and Ice Cream. They are too delicious to give up! Everything in moderation, I always say!!

I had a wonderful experience working with John of who is known as “the Captain”. He made the photo shoot very fun and easy. He gave me great direction and advice on modeling and posing. I appreciate his time and his help. We will work together again soon.

I am very excited about this new path and cannot wait to see my hard work payoff.



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