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Birthdate: April, 1994
Height: 5 10  Weight: 188
neck: 16.5, chest: 45.5, arms: 17, forearms: 13.5, waist: 33.5,
quads: 25.5, calves: 17
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How did you get started ?

I remember when my dad bought me my first gym set I was about 16 years old, I was a skinny kid like everybody else back then. I started out simple with bodyweight exercises, then threw in some weights in my workouts including exercises like leg extensions, bench press, bicep curls … This eventually lead me to getting my first gym membership and from that moment on I became addicted to training. I would take the bus every single day no matter how bad the weather was and spend hours and hours at he gym. I started doing research online for days, weeks, months, and years about proper training, cardio, nutrition, supplements and more. I always did everything on my own, nobody ever helped me threw my teenage years. It took many sacrifices to get to where I am today because I lost many friends and some didn’t quite like me because of the success I was having but that’s just part of life. You have to learn to ignore these types of people that will try to bring you down and move on with your life. Going to the gym completely changed my life style as it takes a tremendous level of discipline to succeed in this sport. I participated in men’s physique competitions but I quickly realized that these types of contest were not fair at all, mixing all groups of age together and having guys that were on steroids with athletes that were natural such as myself. I then decided that my ultimate goal was to inspire, help and motivate as many people as possible to achieve their fitness goals. That to me is very important because very few people do this and it not only make me feel better about myself but also about my family and friends.

I don’t really know where my hard work and dedication will take me, but every day is an opportunity to reach my dreams. The overall factor on where I end up is myself, so I do not plan on stopping any time soon. Nobody can stop me and nobody ever will.


Where does your motivation come from ?

My motivation comes from the results that I get, my reflection in the mirror is my competition. Building an aesthetic body is one of the very few things in this world, where you can physically see the outcome of your dedication and devotion, as you progress. It’s amazing to see how your physique can quickly change when you put in all your heart and effort into something that you’re really passionate about.

That, in my opinion is the most rewarding aspect of lifting weights, fitness, or working out in general, the fact that you get everything that you are willing to give.


What workout routine has worked best for you ?

One thing about my training that sets me apart from other people is my perspective on training styles. My personal belief is that every one of us should adopt multiple ways of training for themselves. What I mean by training styles is to really be creative in changing up what you do, and constantly confusing the body. There are dozens of ways to do so such as changing your rep range, the numbers of sets, rest time in between sets, exercises, weights, and even the way in which you workout. One week, I’ll train heavy (6-8 rep range), the seconds week I’ll train with drop sets (going until failure), the third I’ll train doing supersets (12-15 rep range), basically always changing things up because I hate doing the same thing at the gym as it gets really boring and ineffective. I’m always incorporating different styles of training because my body will never have the chance to adapt to one style of training, which gives me consistent and significant gains year round.

Full Routine:

Monday: Shoulders

Tuesday: Legs

Wednesday: Chest

Thursday: Back

Friday: Arms

Saturday: 911 Day

Sunday: Rest Day



I alternate between hitting calves and abs every day. For example, on Monday I’ll train calves, Tuesday abs, Wednesday calves, Thursday abs, etc. For each workout I go through a small circuit of exercises typically lasting 15 minutes yet again always changing the way I train them to really shock my body.

Calf Workout:

Abs Workout (I usually do weighted abs exercises 2 times a week):

If you had to pick 3 exercises, what would they be and why ?

  1. Incline Dumbbell Press: This has become one of my favourite exercises of all time. From the start, I had always struggled to develop my upper chest but with this exercise it has really helped me build that thickness on my upper chest that I’ve always wanted. I find it really effective when squeezing all the way down feeling the burn and the pump.
  2. Barbell Shoulder Press: I’ve always wanted to get that big ball on my shoulders and with this exercise it truly helped me getting just that. By going heavy it develops your shoulders to a whole new level, you should definitely include this in your workout.
  3. Leg Extensions: Everybody says that the secret to legs is by doing squats but to me I find that leg extensions is the ultimate secret. I’ve always incorporated squats in my training but with leg extensions I noticed a big difference in my quads developing all 3 heads. Squeeze your legs at the very top and go down real slow, I promise you that you’ll have a hard time walking for the next week.


What is your diet like ?

Some people call it a diet, I just call it a life style. I stay lean year round, and aim on making lean gains without ever having to go into a bulking phase like bodybuilders do because then you start to loose our abs and look a little fat. I follow the idea of going slightly over my maintenance calories, allowing myself to grow while still being relatively shredded by doing some cardio. Of course I do my best to eat as clean as possible, but I have always believed that if your nutrition is not enjoyable, you aren’t going to follow it which is why once a week I include a cheat meal to boost my metabolism and keep a smile on my face. If I were to ever prepare for a competition, at that point I would of course really crack down on my nutrition and myself. I have developed enough control to be able to manipulate my body to my liking, whether it is for a photo shoot, vacation, or something else that calls for me to be shredded. At these times, I will resort to counting my macronutrients for complete manipulation in “bulking up,” or “cutting down.”

Daily Diet:


When trying to cut down do you prefer to use HIIT or just steady pace cardio ?

I use both types of cardio depending on how I feel and what I’m getting ready for. When it comes to prepping for a contest or photo shoot I use steady pace cardio because my energy levels are down due to the fact that I eat at a caloric deficit. Year round I’ll use HIIT cardio, it’s the best form of cardio to burn off fat fast and you don’t need to do it for a long period of time.

All in all it all depends from one individual to another, were not all the same so my best advice to you is to try one and see how it goes. In general I don’t really have a preference overall.


What is your supplementation like ?

My supplementation is not complicated at all, I only use whey protein and dextrose. The reason why I only take these supplements is because they’re really the only ones you need. All the other crap out there is a waste of money because I spent so much money on glutamine, creatine, BCAA, omega 3, you name it … And I’m actually getting better results without them. Those, in my honest opinion, are all that you need to be successful and perform.

Everything out there may be beneficial in some part, but for me these two do the job. As I said to many people and my friends, the hard part is that there are a million supplements out there, which makes it even harder to find what works best for you but be careful because most of them make you believe that they work when really it’s all in your head.


Favorite Quote ?

Don’t be afraid to stand for what you believe in, even if that means standing alone. –Kevin Power


How was your experience working with John?

My experience with John was one of a kind, he is an amazing “Captain” because he not only takes pictures of you posing but also helps you with posing and breathing techniques to get a perfect shot. I had lots of fun working with a professional like he is and enjoyed my time here in Manchester, Connecticut. Every one of you that are into fitness should look up to him for photo shoots as he is a hardworking man and works his ass off in what he loves most which is photography.



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