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Birthdate: July, 1993
Height: 5 11  Weight: 172

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My name is Anthony Zambito. I am from North Eastern Ohio. I am a student at Miami University pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Science and mechanics has always been my interest, but fitness and weight lifting is my passion. I started getting involved in fitness in high school, and since then it has been the only extracurricular activity that I have practiced consistently. What started as a simple goal and hobby has developed into so much more. Weight lifting has completely changed my life for the better. I truly believe that it can help others as well. No matter what someone is going through, fitness can be applied to bring joy into that person’s life; and it is my goal to show people how much fitness can change lives.

When I started training I was very small and out of shape. There was no background of anyone in my family involved with weight lifting, I was exploring something no one in my family had ever seen. I did a lot of internet research to find ideas and inspiration. One of my biggest inspirations is Zyzz. I love what he stood for: to not care about what anyone else thinks and to pursue your dreams without fear. Following him helped me to break out of my shell and become who I am today.

The way I train probably describes my personality the best. I do not like just one method of lifting. I love incorporating different techniques into every workout; from CT Fletcher’s “over training” to Ben Pakulski’s method of lifting with intention, I’ve applied them all. It gives an insight into what is going through the minds of other lifters. No single way of working out has gotten me to where I am at. And this hybrid style will continue to progress me in the future.

Working with John of has been a joy. As my first photo shoot, he has given me a great experience and insight into this part of the industry. John worked very well with every setting I took him too. I am very glad I was able to work with him.

I thank my family for all the support they have given me in pursuing my passion of fitness, my good friends Rory Hougan and Mike Madger for truly pushing me beyond my limits, Everybodies Gym for creating an environment intense enough to keep me working harder, and Encore Sports Nutraceuticals for providing powerful enough supplements to naturally take me to the next level.



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