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My name is Paul Rodriguez and I am an intelligent and social person who has been committed to body building for over 15 years.

I first started out at Bally’s gym until they closed down, then Gold’s and for the past 13 years at a small community gym at my work place; I currently work out at Planet Fitness. It doesn’t matter where I train, I bring along the essential skills to persevere and get the outcome that I demand from myself. My social presence is one that is so contagious, people are inspired to use my influence to better themselves. I have to say I do have a following at the gyms I go to each time.  I had a rough patch in my life recently and even trained at the YMCA with their low quality equipment and took advantage of the drop off day care for my toddler while my wife stayed home with a new born. I do it all. I’m a dad, a husband, and a truly committed body builder. I train every day and take a day off here and there. I have a successful career and have a great education after receiving by masters.

I am by trade an engineer/body builder. Does that exist?!?!??! Of course it does, and I’m the friendly quirky one that everyone likes, the go-to kind of guy.

In 2005 I was ready to take off and start my plans to prepare for my first bodybuilding show. I was living with my girlfriend at the time, who is now my wife, and we have been together 13 years and I experience a major medical set back. I was diagnosed with a rare condition called Meckle’s diverticulitis and had emergency surgery a week after being in an ICU for a complete week.  We only discovered this as I had come home one day and bled internally profusely and fell over on the porcelain sink almost cracking my head open.  Thank God my now wife dragged me down the stairs and out the door to the hospital down the street in a snow storm, what extreme trauma does to someone to save a life?

It took a long time to heal and after that when I worked out my body was not the same. I still worked out but my dream became a distant past. When I found out my wife was having a second child, first a girl and now a boy it changed me even more so. I knew this was the time I needed to get this show on the road, the wife may have not thought otherwise as she was pregnant caring for a toddler.

Through it all I made it and entered my first competition. I am extremely proud of myself and I know with this extra confidence I can enter more shows or I can be a fitness model I do have what it takes.

The compliments I get from friends, family and strangers justified this all.  It all finally made sense I am built for this and I want to show to the world what I created and fought for to keep, over a decade of work.




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