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Birthdate: June, 1991
Height: 5 10  Weight: 206 to 210

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My name is Alex White. I am a student/athlete at Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, KS. I attend school on a football scholarship and play strong safety on the field. I am currently in school studying to receive my bachelor’s degree in exercise science. Also I am aspiring to become a fitness model and competitive bodybuilder. When I am not at school, I reside in my hometown of Brockton, MA.

Fitness has been in my life since a very young age. My father being a collegiate basketball player and amateur bodybuilder, along with my mother being a fitness instructor. I remember being in the gym at a young age getting my cheeks pinched by the women at her gym. You could say I was born with a dumbbell in my hand. I began weight training at 13 years old. I would purchase fitness magazines looking at the bodybuilders in them knowing this is what I want to do. This notion has never faded.

I have always been involved in sports from basketball, football, baseball, hockey, tennis, Volleyball, track and field and diving. My main sports were basketball and football. Growing up in Brockton, MA taught me how to be tough and handle myself in rough situations. Being in a low economic area I realized I wanted more from life and I don't want to become a victim to the urban city life. As I approached high school it was clear that sports could be a stepping stone for me to be successful in life. My freshman year of high school I tried out for the football team and from there I was bit by the football bug. I became a starter for the varsity team in my sophomore year, which was a great feat at Brockton High School, at the time was widely known for its football team. As I matured and my career was reaching new heights it became evident that being a collegiate scholarship athlete was a Reality for me. Going into my senior year I had several D1, D1-aa, and D2 colleges interested in me. Letters poured into my house and I began the process of recruiting. I was assured by my coaches that I would receive a scholarship offer from the University of Massachusetts. I went to the official football camp for seniors at UMASS and won the overall MVP award for my position. At this point I felt I was a show in for a scholarship. As the day to sign my letter of intent and receive a scholarship approached I put off many other schools in the hopes that I would go to UMASS. Eventually it became evident that this was not going to happen and found out the head coach at the time was leaving the school to take a head defensive coordinator position at the University of Maryland. This left me with almost no options. I began doing research and found out about "prep" school. I found that you can attend private prepatory schools on athletic scholarships to do a 5th year of high school.

With this new knowledge I sent out my football highlight tape to several different schools and I landed an interview at New Hampton School in New Hampton, NH. After my initial interview with the head coach, I was offered 1 of 3 postgraduate football spots and was awarded a full scholarship. I did not know it at the time but this was going to be a great learning curve and experience in my life.

Coming from a public school with five thousand plus students to a private boarding school with a little over 300 was an experience in itself. I met people from all over the world. I began volunteering and recycling, performing in plays. Opportunities that I would have never experienced in public school. Alongside this m athletic career took off. We had a standout team of student/athletes and went on to win out respective championship in our league. We revived Super Bowl sized rings and I will never forget the feeling of being a champion. I was awarded all conference player honors and was named MVP of our championship game. After the season my focus was turned on the recruiting process. This started with taking my SAT's, which I recorded a 1710. This score was fairly high for an athlete which opened the door for me to approach higher academic level colleges. At my new school I was given first class treatment from my school advisor. You were assigned an advisor who had at most two students to take care of, which made it easy for them to focus on you and your goals. While in this process you were obligated to play two sports at school. I chose lacrosse as my second sport, mainly because I have never had the opportunity to play. I picked the sport up quickly and became a starting player on the varsity squad. Along with great success in sports, I recorded 3.9 GPA by the end of the school year and was offered a scholarship at St. Anselm College in Manchester, NH. This took me to a new chapter in my life.

Upon arriving at my new College I had many hopes and dreams built up, but sometimes things do not go according to plan. I earned a starting position on the team by the third game of the season and was thrusted into the spotlight at a young age of 19. This was a hard task going from high school level of play to being on the field with grown men the age of 22 with much more expletive. In spite of that I came out on top, being names to the Freshman All start team in my conference. I was a success on the field at my new college.

Off the field was a different story. I came into college having no clue of what I wanted to major in, so I went in undecided. This school being a religious institution presented a whole new set of challenges for me. Coming from public school bible study was not an area of focus. At my new college it was a requires field. I began my classes and did not fair very well at all. My overall GPA dropped to near nothing. Along with this I began going deeper into the partying college lifestyle. I was drinking and going out which further hindered my grades. Eventually the partying caught up to me and I was put on academic probation. Along with these struggles the tipping point was an altercation I was involved in at a college party. Some drunken individuals proceeded to call my African American football friends racial slurs and me being of African American and Irish decent did not take kindly to the language. This escalated and the other party assaulted me. This began a brawl of sorts and left two of their parties injured. After this altercation I was charges with two counts of assault and began a long legal process. This also resulted in me being excuses from my college. This was an all-time low for me, but growing up in an underprivileged area taught me to be and never give up. I eventually was excised of the charges but the damage was done and I began my rebuilding process as I was not going to let this dark moment define me.

I began my climb back to the top and this helped me refocus my education and my athletics. I began working towards perusing my dreams of being an exercise science major and having a life in the fitness industry. I took classes at a local community college and left with a 4.0 GPA. I gained 15 pounds of muscle while training over that time. I reached out to many new schools with a focus on exercise science programs. My first acceptance was at Pittsburg State University. With a well-known football team winning the Division 2 National Championship in 2011 and a great exercise science program, the decision to attend was a no brainer. I knew I would have to work hard to regain my scholarship lifestyle back. Upon my time of arriving I had reached my goal of becoming a scholarship athlete after my first semester of attending. My life is now back on track and I have my goals set and planned out. I am currently attending and I am getting closer and closer to graduating with my degree in exercise science. With that degree I will also have NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certification along with my NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) certification. This will allow me to get the personal training job I want and peruse my dream of making other fit and life healthy fit lifestyles. It will also allow me to achieve my goals in the fitness industry and competitive bodybuilding as well. Looking back on my life experiences I realized how much I have overcame to be in this position that I am in now. It has made me a stronger more dedicated and mature individual.

With my new life and newly inspired ambitions. I had to revamp my training and nutrition. As I dived into the exercise science field this opened up a whole new world of knowledge in fitness and nutrition. I began adding more bodybuilding style of weight training in with my current football training. They are opposing philosophies, where football is about power and explosion as bodybuilding is about muscle growth and sculpting. Even though they are contradictions they can be using harmoniously if utilized in the right way. I did this by incorporating my strength movements with my main lifts. Bench press, squat, and dead lift. With these movements I start high with high reps but finish with low reps too keep my strength up. Too add the bodybuilding aspect into my training all my auxiliaries are done with a bodybuilding mentality. Higher reps for more muscle hypertrophy, which leads to muscle increase. The combination of these two techniques has allowed me to keep my strength necessary to be an athlete, but also grow muscle in the process. I follow a training split of hitting each muscle group twice a week and the days I train them vary depending on what is going on in my life, school, football and social responsibilities are all factors. My cardio for the most part is handled by my football training and practice, but when I am not training for the field I like to do boxing and jump rope for my cardio.

Without a proper diet your training will not be utilized to its fullest potential. I realized this early in the fitness journey and have been involved in a process of trial and error ever since. People will tell you what is the right and wrong way to eat, but the only way to truly discover what works is by just simply trying it. Through my trial and errors I have currently been on a high protein high fat diet with carbohydrates only being consumed after training is what works well for me. My goals are to stay as lean and athletic as possible while being able to grow muscle at a low body fat percentage. I log everything I eat every day and this allows me to keep track of my progress and tweak any part of my diet on a day to day basis to better pinpoint what my balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates should be. My nutrition is still not perfect and won't be for a while, but that is what I enjoy about fitness, it is a lifestyle and you have to have fun with it.

My current workout plan:

Monday: chest, biceps, abs
Incline bench
Incline dumbbell press
Flat bench press
Incline dumbbell fly or cable fly
Burn out with pushups to failure

Standing barbell curls- wide grip and close grip
Incline dumbbell curls
Single arm preacher curls
Cable curl burn out

Abs - varies from hanging knee lifts, weighted rope crunches or bosu ball isolation crunches

Tuesday: back,shoulders,triceps
T-bar rows
Seated single arm rows
Single arm dumbbell rows
Single arm pull downs
Close grip chin ups
Hyper extension

Behind neck shoulder press
Lateral raises
Front raises
Upright rows
Dumbbell or barbell shrugs

Close grip bench
Skull crushers
Cable push downs
Single arm triceps ext

Wednesdays: quads,hamstrings,calves

Front squat
Hack squat
Lying leg curls
Leg extension
Straight leg deadlift
Standing calf press
Machine calf press

This process is then repeated for the rest of the week. I typically take a rest day on Sunday. I typically stick to a rep range if 8 to 12. Depending on my current goals those reps can go higher it lower. I change my workouts about every 3 months, exchanging exercises for ones I haven't done in a while. This keeps my body guessing and unable to adapt to my workouts.

Cardio is usually my football workouts but if I am not following that regimen I typically resort to boxing or jumping rope as my main form of cardio.

My current diet follows a high protein high fat low carb schedule. With high carb days thrown in every 3 days or as I feel necessary. Dieting is really a game of trial and error it takes a while to really understand your body and I am still in this process. For protein I stick to steak, beef, salmon and cottage cheese. For my fats I use coconut oil when I cook, bacon and salmon has a high fat content. My carbs are kept simple, many people go with brown rice but I have found that white rice works well for me and I like it better. I like to keep my diet simple, so I can tweak it easily as I go. I write down what I eat every day and take account for calories, fat, protein, and carbs for the day. This just helps to know what you are taking in and how it has affected you over time.

Getting involved with John at was a pleasant surprise. Before this I was off at school in Kansas working in a fireworks factory as a summer job. I worked from 7 AM to 7PM, 7 days a week. I rode my bike to and from work and also to the gym and to get groceries. Totaling around 85 miles a week plus my workouts lasted 2 hours daily. To say this was tough would be an understatement, but the experience was priceless. It shows me how tough I was and that hard work does pay off in the end. I arrived home on a Sunday and began posting to my Instagram pics of my progress in the gym. John found me and a week later I was doing a full on photo shoot. It was a great experience and I had a wonderful time doing the shoot. John helped me with my posing and made the shoot fun while being professional. Not to mention we did a variety of shoots from fashion, bodybuilding, and fitness. He makes sure you are presented as a well-rounded model rather than just a meathead with muscles. I will be doing more work with john in the future and from here the sky is the limit.




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