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Birthdate: December, 1983
Height: 5 8  Weight: 165

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My name is Evan-Terry Benjamin; I'm 30 years of age, happy husband and proud father of twins. I'm a full time family man during the week and part motivator on the weekend. Been a lover of fitness since I got my hand on my first Action figure. Being a comic geek since childhood, I always aspire to be "built". I wanted to have the biceps, broad shoulders and six pack like Superman. Even though it was farfetched to look like a superhero, I still trained. As a kid my workouts consisted of all of body weight exercises such as pushups and sit ups. Not until later on in my life did I realize the importance of training legs. My fitness heroes besides fictional characters were had still are Arnold and Bruce lee. I liked Arnold because he has god like muscles but I loved Bruce lee as well because he was "lean and mean". I get inspired today by people that are motivated whether it's to be fit or simply to be better. I'm naturally lean due to good genetics but I'm very active because I come from a Hip-hop dance background, till this day I perform.  My diet is pretty flexible no restrictions, but because I strive to live a long and healthy life, I'm conscious on what I put in my body. My training is basic.

Early this year I got into physique competing by the encouragement of my spouse. Since January of 2014 I had the pleasure of training with my now good friend IFBB Pro Shawn Labega. He provided me with the necessary training and knowledge to win 3 titles on my 3rd amateur show. I plan on continuing competing only as a hobby for fun in the near future. My main priority is to work and live a healthy lifestyle for the benefit of my family, everything else is an added bonus.

For my first ever fitness shoot, John of guided me through various poses to really present my body the best way. John is not only a professional photographer but a good educator. After working with john I have a broader perspective of the fitness world and a new found motivation to explore different avenues other than physique competing. I recommend any fitness enthusiasts to book a photo shoot with BBpics.





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