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Birthdate: March, 1983
Height: 5 10  Weight: 185

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Throughout the duration of my acting and modeling career, I have participated in completing 2 full length feature films, 1short film, 4 commercials, 7 nationwide television shows and participated in various thematic plays to also include runway, posing and photo shoots. My film, commercial, television, and theater roles range from playing a police officer, soldier, MERC, elderly man, bully, body builder, biblical figure, and father. 


I am certified personnel trainer/instructor through Cross Fit based out of Santa Cruz, CA and a certified Combat Leader Instructor through the United States Air Force trained out of San Antonio, TX. 

Currently, I have been physically training and leading troops in the U.S. Air Force for 3 years and have dedicated a total of 9 1/2 years in distinguished and honorable service while pursuing an acting/modeling career on the side. 

Special skills listed in the above criteria include advanced combat training in S.W.A.T., expert weapons firing and advanced knowledge ranging from small arms to large explosives, advanced knowledge on field training, troop leading skills, survival techniques, hand to hand combat to include Shori Ryu and various Mixed Martial Arts and stunt coordination. 

I am an expert body builder and collegiate athlete. My experience ranges from football, basketball, baseball, wrestling, track and field, Cross Fit games, and weight lifting competitions.

Working with John was an absolute pleasure as this was my first time doing any fitness modeling. I had no idea what to expect. John made it very easy to adapt to all the poses which after a while started to feel natural because of his outstanding direction.  

I had no idea how certain colors, posing angles or lighting could make or break a photo. Thankfully John did and was able to pick tasteful wardrobes and locations to shot at for me that appealed to all genders. I would work with John again at the drop of a hat, THANKS SO MUCH JOHN FOR MAKING MY FIRST FITNESS SHOT A MEMROABLE ONE!




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