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Birthdate: July, 1987
Height: 5 10 1/2  Weight: 189

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From A Fit in to a Stand Out

My name is Bryan Richards and I believe in fitness. I’m 27 from New York City with 2 beautiful daughters; I’m currently an aspiring Personal Trainer, Fitness coach, and fitness model and self-defense/Krav Maga instructor.

Growing up in a family of 5 you learn to pick where you fit in and make it yours. I found purpose as the “glue-guy”. I found worth in holding things together, being there when people needed it. Helping and fixing became a way of life. Being the “runt” of the family (all of my brothers were collegiate athletes); I found this role suited me perfectly. As the smallest, shortest, and possibly slowest person in my family it never occurred to me that I could achieve great feats in life. I wanted to help and I felt I was JUST the glue-guy.

As you can tell from this shoot, superheroes are a huge part of my motivation to help people. (Call me a geek, I’m fine with it). The story of captain America particularly touched me as he was the most unfit candidate but had the biggest heart, always wanting to help. Going to school for criminal justice seemed like the way I could help the world, by keeping the streets safe, but after volunteering for the NYPD for a year it didn’t seem like where I belonged

Fitness runs in my family, but I was never into organized sports as I felt my time was needed elsewhere. Besides a SMALL stint in HS football, I didn’t play any organized sports. I had a part time job at a nursing home at 13 and I’ve been working ever since. I’d like to say I was skinny-fat before I started working out seriously, I was often short of breath, couldn’t run a single block without stopping and didn’t like the weakness I felt. I invested in P90x and insanity. And for 2 years on and off that was all I did. It wasn’t until 2012 when a gym opened up in the town over that I started to really get into fitness.

It started out as a hobby, became habit, and now I’d say it’s a full blown addiction. I absolutely love how I feel when working out. Besides feeling great physically, progress became a huge motivator and fitness showed me how much I could do. When you first start out and you see people doing “crazy” things, you think to yourself I can never do that. Then after time and practice, you do it. You develop self-confidence, not just the confidence to move something heavy, but a confidence that you can succeed at something you try. That confidence spills over into your everyday life, and you just want to try and succeed.  That’s what happened to me; that was when I knew I could become captain America. Bigger, Stronger, Faster, and SMARTER. I didn’t want to just go in and throw weight. Testing for N.A.S.M. in a month, currently studying Nutrition, Kinesiology, and anatomy as I plan on turning this into a career.

I have also learned to give myself more credit. Modesty was a huge part of my “glue-guy” attitude, but it can hold you back from your true potential if you let it. I began to be more confident in daily life, believe in myself and my potential in all things took a more assertive role at work and got 2 promotions. Though my career will change in the near future, fitness, and all of the positive side effects played a role in many aspects of my life.

The growth physically and mentally since starting this journey has been vast, and I want to share it. That’s the reason I want to start as a trainer. I want everyone I work with to feel the positive responses, for the body and the mind, of being healthy. One person at a time, I hope to inspire, teach, challenge, and change any one’s mind who is unhappy where they are. I may still be the glue-guy, but I’m on a much bigger scale now and I believe. And with the belief in myself, and unlimited potential that I see, I’m on my way to becoming a real hero. In time possibly even a super hero.

Working with John of was an absolute pleasure. Not only was he ready to meet me two hours earlier than scheduled, but he was extremely hospitable and knowledgeable about the fitness industry. He went above and beyond to get great pics, no detail to small. He was patient as I’m new to fitness modeling, took the time to teach me many poses and is a great communicator and motivator. We shot at 3 different locations and he took exceptional photos. He made me look better than I thought I looked, WITH HIS CELLPHONE! He is a master at his craft and I would recommend John to every fitness enthusiast as he WILL have you looking great. I will surely be working with John again in the future!




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