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Birthdate: January, 1990
Height: 5 5  Weight: 130
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     My name is Daniel Morales born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I started weight lifting about a year and half ago, when my friend introduced me to it. It was then I didn't know much, after my friend showed me and taught me ways to lift weight and get muscles and supplements plus eating right. Five months later I joined the gym planet fitness, which I consider to be for beginners. I went for seven days doing anything I saw at the gym, until I researched videos and information on workout routines. It that moment when I said to myself “if I want to gain weight and get muscle I have to sacrifices fast food and be determine”.

     It was just three years ago when I was skinny as tooth pick. Only weighted about 120-124 with no muscle tone. After taking protein sake and lifting weight, I finally started to notice the difference. I was so determine by getting muscle and toned up, I noticed it after my friends.

     Throughout, my journey I have workout with the proper routine and going heavy. I now weights 130 still look skinny, but lean and tone. Although, my goal is weighting 135 or more, but I still have a journey to continue and not give up, with a goal in my mind.

     Working with John of was amazing. He knows what he's doing and gave me advice on the most important things I need to know about fitness. How it works and how it supposed to. John is an amazing talented person, who has experience in the fitness industry and works professional. It was a pleasure working with John that I would work with him again.


Workout routine:

Monday- chest and triceps

Tuesday- back and bicep

Wednesday- abs and cardio

Thursday- shoulders and abs

Friday- legs

Saturday and Sunday- rest day



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