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Birthdate: July, 1989
Height: 5 7  Weight: 175, contest 170, off season 195
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I have always been involved in athletics, soccer, track, wrestling, football, mma, snowboarding, powerlifting and bodybuilding are just a few sports that I have participated in. I never pursued just one sport but was always passionate about the process of training to better one's self and abilities. I began strength training at a young age and never stopped. I became fascinated with how weightlifting and nutrition can positively transform the body which eventually influenced me to pursue an advanced degree in Nutrition and Exercise Science. 

Today I am a personal trainer and men's physique athlete in Manhattan helping those I work with to improve their health and fitness. I enjoy seeing the positive transformation in both myself and others. 

My diet changes based on the fitness goal I am working on. I am always looking to improve myself and I find the best way to do this is to make a clear objective of the fitness goal and then create the best possible diet and training program to achieve it. I often do this in a seasonal cycle, with strength and mass building phase followed by a cutting phase.

Muscle Mass/ Strength Phase 

Generally if I am trying to gain muscle strength and size I train specific muscle groups - chest, back, quads etc. with a rep range of 8,10,12 and a volume of 4 sets. 

I will also superset at least one light set with the antagonist (opposite) muscle. I find this helps me to get a good pump. 

Quality nutrition is important for growing quality muscle. At least two hours before every workout is a full meal incorporating carbs, protein and fats. Immediately post workout is a small amount of sweets, carbs and protein. 

Muscle Tone and Definition Phase

When I am cutting up for competition diet is a little more involved. Generally the type of exercise I do dictates how I will eat. For example:

Weight training days involve more volume sometimes sets of 5 and drop sets if I am working on sculpting a particular area. I will generally tri-set (perform 3 exercises simultaneously) the area I am working on. On these intense training days more carbs are involved after the workout. Days that I do just cardio and abs are fueled by green vegetables, lean protein and omega 3 fats. 

Abs and Fat Loss 

I have found fasted cardio and abdominal training first thing in the morning to be the most beneficial for developing abs and losing body fat.  I am often asked what are the best exercises for abs? - All of them, abs need volume. 

Working with John at has been a beneficial experience that exceeded my expectations. John is a skilled photographer who can find the right shot and truly knows how to capture the physique. It was helpful to work with someone who not only knows bodybuilding but specializes in capturing the sport. Our shoot felt very much like posing practice and John even instructed me on some valuable pointers on posing and presentation. 





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