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   Birthdate: November, 1994
Height: 5 10  Weight: 201
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I was born in Camptown, PA, and I am currently 21 years of age.  I am an aspiring fitness model, fashion model and actor, who's trying to get into the bodybuilding and acting industry!  I work out 6 days a week and I stay 100% Natural.  Growing up playing basketball and working on a neighbor’s farm didn't allow me to gain any size.  I grew up in the wilderness in a log cabin, running around in the forest during the week and chopping down trees and splitting firewood on the weekends.

My mother homeschooled all 5 of us kids.  One of the reasons my mother homeschooled me was because I had ADHD growing up which made it impossible for me to attend public school.  My mother refused to allow me to be medicated with drugs!  She decided that it would be better for me to just overcome this weakness.  In the end, I also excepted this and overcame my ADHD, and my driving motivation also grew stronger.  This effected my sports life and the full time job I started in high school.  Growing up in the wilderness I picked up some hobbies.  Some of these hobbies included blacksmithing, hunting, trapping, knife and tomahawk throwing, par core, archery, shooting rifles and pistols competitively! For all of my talents and my good and bad health I give the glory to God because he gave each and every one to me!

I try my hardest to stay in shape and improve my body and spirit EVERY SINGLE DAY!  Typically, I work out chest and triceps followed by back and biceps the next day.  Then on the third day I work out legs and the forth I work shoulders.  Each day I do about 5 minutes of abs along with the muscle group I'm focusing on that day. This four-day muscle plan is not based on any certain day of the week, I just continue this plan day in and day out pausing only to rest on Sunday. 

One of the things I focus on is my diet!  Every day of the week I aspire to consume 8000 to 12000 calories.  My breakfast normally consists of 5 eggs and a bowl of oats, then throughout the afternoon I consume a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter.  After my afternoon workout I eat 1000 calories of oats and wait 30 minutes and then eat my evening dinner.  Every night I eat a quart of yogurt or cottage cheese.  All I can say is that it pays to be natural and that "Life is hard and you have to work for everything good!"  

Working with John was quite an experience he is an encouraging photographer and friend.  He offers so much for me to learn; he is by far the most knowledgeable photographer I have ever worked with.  He taught me how to create art with my body!  With his help I was able to become a granite structure.  I learned from him how to pose correctly and then I saw things that my body could do that I didn't even know were possible.  I would recommend him to both beginner and experienced fitness models!  He is amazingly easy to work with.  From my point of view, he is incredibly personable and friendly.  I love how he wants each picture to be one hundred percent natural.  It so cool how he will wait until the perfect light it cast and then capture a bunch of pictures that look amazing! 





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