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   Birthdate: April, 1986
Height: 5 9  Weight: 166, 165 to 186
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My name is Jessey Fernandez. I was born as a premature (2 pounds 3 oz.) "The Complete opposite of what my body and mind would exemplify" Early on in my youth I developed a passion for sports. Particularly playing soccer as well as track, which took up most of my high-school career. I have always been an athlete that had endurance as well as speed, both of these sports allowed me to show case my ability. My 1-mile record for track, held at the Reggie Louis center in Boston Ma, was set at 4 minutes & 43 seconds which I'll never forget. Moving forward though my soccer career was where I wanted to excel; in which carried into my college era. Fast forward to my senior year I was offered the opportunity to attend pro tryouts in the U.S. With D.C. United of the major leagues. But before I was given this opportunity, I had suffered a severe injury to my knee 5 games into the season, that I'll always share to my followers as this is a story of triumph not defeat. I had a collision with a goal keeper and the damage that was done could of been career ending. I had torn my anterior cruciate ligament, torn my medial collateral ligament, crushed meniscus, and fractured the top of my tibia bone. After the diagnosis was made, I also had to remove my patella tendon to replace as my new anterior cruciate ligament. All these components are major structures of the knee.



So let's fast forward a year after surgery I made a 100% recovery, in which I thank God as a miracle. I attending my calling as the top 40 players in the country to be invited to the pro tryout, but I did not make the cut. But this was life changing and has made me who I am today, and extremely hungry to conquer feats that may seem impossible! So I know what you thinking, how does this lead into fitness? Here goes: after my tryouts were over, it didn't mean that I was over with sports or physical activity. I started heavily training my body and used my mind as a weapon to learn and grow each day. I needed something to strive for, something to feed my hunger, some type of success that I wanted to reach. That's when I get involved in the most disciplined sport: competitive bodybuilding.



As time went on I decided to hit my first NPC competition in November of 2015, (Jay Cutler Classic) where I placed 6th out of a battle of 16 men in the middle weight division. But I wasn't satisfied (even though this was my first time ever on stage, I knew that I would place at the top) so I prepared for my next competition like a man on a mission; my will was indomitable! 5 months later at my second NPC competition ever I Placed 1st, and qualified for Team Universe!! The weight was lifted, and I was so humbled to be on stage with the elite as a true 100% natural competitor.



Ok so let's talk training/ meal prep and how I condition myself for my competitions. Before I start I would like to say I have been a hard gainer for years due to my heavy endurance sports that I competed in prior to bodybuilding, so trust me when I say this "You are not alone, and if you are having a hard time gaining weight; with the right training proper diet and discipline you can reach your goals". With that being said let's speak a little about off season, then on season regimens. Off season, when I'm bulking so to speak I still maintain a tight abdominal core believe it or not as well as lean muscle. I understand everyone's bodies are different, this is just how I keep my physique with my fast metabolism. I train heavy and hard, but also smart as injury is something that I always try to avoid. My meals during off season is actually probably similar to others when bulking. They mainly consist of steak, rice, and numerous cheat meals along the way. They are also more sporadic and not as dialed in as on season.



Which brings us into on season training and dieting. During season I do run a strict diet which consist mainly of chicken, rice, whey protein, fruit, and vegetables. Cheat meals are only thrown in when needed and are modified. It is very important to try as best you can to stay on your diet and not to steer into food that is not needed, because this can alter your physique. My training is Intense but specifically designed to keep building muscle as much as possible while keeping low body fat. I hit cardio when needed to keep lean, and to hold a denser look as a prepare to step on stage. My Monday through Sunday training split changes from time to time, but looks something similar to this:




Monday: CHEST OF DEATH! -In which I usually hit 7 different machines. I start off on Incline Bench Press to keep the upper pecs full. I'll also hit 4 more incline chest workouts, from Dumbbells, smith machine, and other machine presses. At the end I'll hit two decline chest exercises.


Tuesday: (ARM)AGEDDON - I start out with all tricep workouts as this makes up 2, 3rds of the arm. This mainly consist of rope pull downs, V bar pull downs, E Z bar skull crushers, Close Grip Flat Bench Press. Target the muscle heads and focus on full extension. After I'm finished with triceps, I move on to Biceps. I like to do a lot of individual/isolating movements. For instance: Dumbbell Curls, Dumbbell hammer curls, Incline Seated Dumbbell Curls, and usually end with a compound movement, EZ Bar curls.



Wednesday: LEGENDARY LEG DAY! - By far the most ruthless of all muscles. I start off by targeting my quads first; I'll hit Hack Squats, Smith Machine Squats, Leg Extensions, Free Bar back squats, Hamstring Curls Machine, Seated Hamstring Curls, Leg Press, Barb bell Lunges.


For Calves- Standing Calf Raise, Seated Calf Raise, Calf Press, Smith Machine Calf Raises, High Box Jumps. I hit them heavy and hard as possible. But remember start off light, once you can adjust to weight, then work your way up to heavier sets.


Thursday: BOULDER SHOULDERS! - Ok now since shoulders is a delicate muscle, it is of major importance to start of light with any exercise. To warm up the shoulders I'll start with 10-15 lbs. Dumbbells Front Raise. Once completed I move into heavy, Dumbbell Presses, Smith Machine Press, Lateral Raises, Rear Delt Pulls, Rea Delt Machine Pull Back. *Pinch the shoulders back on rear movements for better muscle development.


Friday: BACK ATTACK! - For a killer back I hit Deadlifts, Seated Rows, Lat Pulldowns, Barbell Rows, Machine Back Pulls, Back Push Backs (Lower Back). For these exercises I like to make sure the core is tight to prevent any injury. Focus on full contractions and squeeze to promote more muscle and a strong back.


Saturday/Sunday: Abdominal Muscles




Remember consistency is key, but also training wisely with higher reps to promote vascular skin splitting muscle that looks tight as possible. Keep your eyes on the prize, so that you can obtain your goals.




My main goal working in this industry is to inspire people through my words and work ethic, as I believe congruency is important and being authentic as possible. This goes along way with my values and I hope people can see this in me as I carry myself. I also would like to build partnerships with companies to help market myself as I strive to reach the top of the bodybuilding pyramid. Developing and creating with others, as well as working on interpersonal communication skills is very important to me and I hope to connect with like minds.



Lastly let's talk working with the intelligent John of! I was very excited when given this opportunity to work with John, and I wanted to represent myself as well as his company to the best of my ability. For our first planned photo shoot, we worked out of Connecticut at a beautiful location, that had plenty of landscape to shoot on. Our shoot was over 5 hours, (in which I learned a lot in how to pose and control intricate muscles for the camera). It was very enjoyable and I had so much fun, and I was also allowed to add my own piece into the mix. We shot fitness modeling/ fashion modeling/ as well as bodybuilding. We went for a very natural look, which a felt will captivate a lot of attention through this shoot. I'd like to personally thank John for his time and expertise. For everyone else thank you for the read, and you can catch me in action at Team Universe in New Jersey, July 1-2 2016 as I set sights on my IFBB pro card as your 100% natural competitor!! It will be a challenge to say the least, but I'm ready!!


I would like to speak on part of my experience at Team Universe/Nationals: This was a very fun experience and I would add this to my learning curb. 
Being here felt like such a privilege to compete with the top competitors in the country, in which a qualified in under 9 months since a started competitive bodybuilding.
This was my first national competition and 3rd time actually stepping on stage as a competitor. So I was just very happy to be there.
This year’s competition was held in Teaneck New Jersey at the Marriott Hotel.

At this competition, I was extremely impressed with the fluidity and natural movement that the competitors possessed. They moved every muscle in sync with their posing music,
in which to me really stood out. This would be one area where I have to work on before preparing for my next national competition.
In saying so I will definitely be adding a posing coach to my list, so that they can help me prepare to the best of my ability. Here at the venue, the National format is
also done a little differently than local competitions. First all competitors will perform and individual posing routine to house music of some sort. Once all competitors have done this,
the judges then call everyone back on stage to start placements! So we were called out, I was placed to the left of center, which could have meant I was in the top 3.
As the posing went on, I was moved to the far end, in which I knew the judges were placing their best competitors in line.
So here's the thing about Nationals, if you don't make the top 5, you are not qualified for the night show, where you perform another individual routine with your own music.
So I thought to myself: "You came this far, you put in all of this tremendous amount of time and effort, you better make the top 5"!
But again this isn't my decision, from here on it we are all in control of the judges.

So we had to wait around 5 hours until we got called back onto the stage for our placings. Long story short, the time was now around 5pm and they called back on and
we're ready to call out the top 5 in the country out of 7 competitors. I was nervous at this point, but well prepared to accept where the judges placed me.
All I was thinking was, I have to make at least the top 5 to make some sort of impression. The first name the called, (as it goes lowest to highest placing)
was my name: JESSEY FERNANDEZ. I thought to myself, " Ok I can breathe a little, I understood that I placed 5th”. I then watched the other competitors take 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st.
They deserved it rightfully so, but I was not satisfied at all with my performance. I took this experience at the national stage as a temporary defeat, an obstacle that
I will overcome next time I present myself at this level.

All in all, this is a learning and developmental stage for me. I understand that I have achieved this quickly, but I'll never hold my inexperience as to why
I didn't progress to where I wanted to be. These are great memories and I also got to meet some very informing people at the competition. So I do know what it going to take to get me back to this stage.
I understand what I have to critique, to catch the judge’s eyes again. Everything must be on point, and I will be well prepared. Lastly I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes,
which I feel many should love by: "I'll take a defeat, but surrender? THATS SOMETHING I'LL NEVER DO!"

Speaking on behalf of my second photo shoot: I spent that morning/ afternoon with John as we shot at the lake as well as the park in Mansfield CT.
It was my pleasure to join John as I have worked with him before. The second time around we focused more on fashion/model style photography as my abs
were a lot tighter even though I was 3 weeks’ post competition. It was a fun shoot, and I was allowed to add my own shots in as well! I am comfortable with a photographer that understands
his expertise but also allows me to add my own creativity into the picture. All in all, it was enjoyable and I'm happy to be given this opportunity once again to present my physique to show,
what hard work, dedication, and training exemplifies. Thanks again John!




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