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   Birthdate: December, 1984
Height: 5 8  Weight: 190
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My name is Christopher Matthews.  I am currently a full time model and fitness professional, while working on my degree as a videographer.   My parents are Jamaican, however; my mother passed away several years ago.  She instilled the qualities of being kind, compassionate, and passionate about life.  My parents raised me in New York, alongside my twin sister and older brother.   Growing up, sports were always a large part in my life.  I played soccer for eight years where I was able to travel to across the United States and Internationally.   Soccer allowed me to stay active and fit, travel, and recognize my hard work ethic.


Once I graduated high school, I enlisted in the U.S. Army where I began training in Texas.  I served in Iraq from 2009-2010.  While serving in Iraq, I lifted constantly, often training and educating other soldiers for fitness.  It was here where I realized fitness was one of my main passions. 


After the Army, I moved to West Palm Beach, Florida where I began working at the Veteran Hospital.  During my free time I began personal training, helping people achieve their goals through nutrition and exercise.  It was in Florida that I decided to begin fitness competing.  I did my first natural physique competition and finished 4th out of 22.  I continued to progress through hard work and develop my physique for future shows. I qualified for Nationals where I placed 4th out of 27.  Since nationals I have competed in two additional physique competitions.


In addition to fitness, my true passion is in modeling.  Modeling has allowed me to travel the country, working with world-renowned photographers.  I have modeled for print, fitness, and fashion.  I look forward to continuing to build my portfolio while working with talented individuals in the photography and modeling world.


Over the past year, I have transitioned into a Vegan lifestyle.  I believe in minimizing the chemicals and free radicals from food and try to eat an organic, clean, vegan diet as much as possible.  I consume healthy, clean foods, high in protein and fiber to help with my muscular development.


Throughout my travels, fitness, modeling, and athletic achievements, my most proud accomplishment is being a father to my eight-year-old son Jayden.   I am able to teach him each and every day about not only the things I am passionate about, but also life lessons.  He teaches me each day as well about innocence, compassion, and countless other qualities that kid seem to possess.  He always puts a smile on my face.


I am excited for the next five years where I can grow my training business, perfect my videography career, and grow my modeling career to new heights.  I am grateful for the life lessons learned along the way, the people that have helped me succeed, and the many opportunities to come.


My experience with John of was a pleasant one to say the least. Prior to working with him we spoke for a few months in order to build rapport. In that time, we discussed the shoot theme, attire, poses and the minor details to make for a successful shoot. One of the many things I liked about John was his professionalism. He also makes it clear what he expects from his models with guided emails and updated texts. A week prior to the shoot John would update me with the local forecast, which was very helpful with deciding what to pack and not pack. On shoot day John arrived at the shoot location and we clicked right away. The energy was great which set the mood was the remainder of the shoot.


While we were shooting John’s, direction made things go really smooth. John’s knowledge of bodybuilding was very impressive. He was able to teach me some things about posing that I never knew before. Being that the location was new for both him and I scouting out shoot locations was a little difficult and the lack of sun didn’t help either. We made do with what we had and got some amazing shots. I like how he uses natural light and doesn’t do too much editing in post to make for a more natural look. After the shoot, we looked over some of the pictures to be sure I was satisfied with the product.


Working with John was a pleasure. Given the opportunity I would love to work with him again. His professionalism was great and his work ethic was the same.





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