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Birthdate: December, 1984
Height: 6 2 Weight: 220
Photoshoot Date: June 2005

One thing I can't stress enough… If you have desire to be somebody, to be successful in life doing something you love - go for it. So many people have given up on their dreams to the sound of some low life telling them how they will never be able to accomplish their dream. Or the smirk, from the fellow gym members who think it's a joke when you tell them you are going to be a fitness model. Truth about it is, only you control if your dream of becoming more then just an average person is accomplished. I have come a long way over the past 2 years in pursuit of achieving my goals. A well rounded diet, many hours spent in the gym, and pure determination have brought me to where I am today, tomorrow will bring only opportunity.

Spring of 2003 was when I decided I was going to try and accomplish something in the fitness/modeling field. As usual, everyone I told my dreams to looked at my 6' 2", 200 # frame and either told me I was nuts or gave me the usual smirk of disbelief. Smiling back I would tell them, "Wait and see." Lifting 5 days a week mixing cardio in 3 times per week, taking proper supplements, and eating healthy has helped me build a base for my goals in becoming a model.

Fall of 04' I felt my body was in good enough shape to have a shot at attracting some attention from photographers and agencies but I had always put it off due to not having a proper portfolio to present. Then opportunity came from a random person who saw a digital picture of me online and referred me to John of I e-mail him and told him I was interested in modeling and received great communication and support from him. John was ready to help me with any questions or concerns I may have with the modeling business. He made me feel comfortable with the entire situation and offered to help me develop a portfolio to solicit myself to agencies and other photographers. At times I thought he was to good to be true, but going through the entire experience with John's help has made me realize his passion for photography and helping others attain there dreams. Though this experience John has helped me in my dream and also become a good friend of mine and I would be happy to talk with anyone who may have any doubt at all in working with John of, because I can assure you he will treat you professional and you will leave having acquired a new friend in the process. John always reminded me ever since I have known him, "better not bigger Mr. Zachary," and after this experience I can't agree with him more! I'm looking forward to getting to the gym and making my body even "better" for my next photo shoot with John. He has made the path to my dreams much easier and I thank him for that.


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