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   Birthdate: June, 1967
Height: 6 3 Weight: 215
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     At the age of 49 I fearfully joined the NPC with very modest hopes. I never envisioned I would qualify for the nationals my first shows. And subsequently win MY IFBB pro card (Physique category). Fitness to me has always been my therapeutic bubble, my allowed me to turn Inward and Introspect. To detach myself from everything and get into me. It's the mental aspects of fitness that galvanize me. It's the only time I am not distracted but empowered by the influx of positive, assorted thoughts that surface as I exercise. Fitness wakes me up daily at 3 am 365 days a year.

     Despite my late arrival into fitness competition I think my late arrival gives me an extra layer of maturity and an ABUNDANCE OF FITNESS WEALTH. I'm rich in experience, after realizing WOW I've been exercising over 30 years. So much insight I've accumulated from others and personal experiences. Now I told myself I should begin sharing my fitness wealth with society. Knowing I co I can be of help to many or actually make a difference in someone's life whether as inspiration to battle obesity or health issues. And I enjoy giving the youth options in their community in hopes of curtailing idleness or deviant behavior. I truly believe: " each one should teach one". I've had my share of youthful errors and I would like to think I represent the underdog, the American story not because of my successes because my accolades are far and few yet I've redefined myself by reinventing who I am. Accepting my human flaws and making the necessary changes to better myself. Fitness has now given me a positive platform to maybe make a difference.

     Growing up in the inner city of Rochester, New York as middle child of 5 raised modestly by a single mother...I found myself emotionally starved and without a life coach or an outlet. I think everyone need an outlet or should never be without. Myself now making the MESS of my LIFE my MESSAGE. Through fitness I am now not only share my fitness wealth but moreover my experiences.

     My IFBB pro card is and was for the idle kids in the Mastic Beach area of long island, New York. Hoping to inspire or to let them know they are not alone. And to stay focus on school and sports and fitness and not being a statistic or a part of prison recidivism.
Inspired greatly by" Community Counseling services" and its employee’s passion for helping others. I also wanted to share or help. After 5 years as a barbershop owner/master barber (FRED’S FAMILY BARBER SHOP in Mastic beach). And RECENTLY decided to give fitness and modeling 100% of my time because it’s what I love.... yes, I was afraid to change careers and was discouraged by my age. Yet my propensity to get better to help others or to actually do what I love and share my FITNESS WEALTH is quite rewarding. And yes, in advance one day I see myself with a big fitness boot camp that actually can make a difference. Or actual modeling. Or acting.... DREAM BIG. NO ONE IS TOO TOO OLD OR NOT QUALIFIED. BELIEVE in yourself and never give up...

     One day I knew I would somehow stand in front of a camera directed by a professional who took time to believe in my energy, my visions and me as a whole. On August 6, 2017 John of gave me an opportunity to be privileged to experience the expertise of his craft as he meticulously crafted one moment after another with Passion and pride and peerless ingenuity redefined into simplistic beauty frozen. Indeed, it has been an honor I am very grateful and humbled as a result. And look forward to being a part of more of his master pieces. Bbpics can be a learning tool and a learning experience as John of allow his ingenuity to unfold. Quite rewarding and the end product very pleasing if not unforgettable.

Diet: no fried foods. I don't diet my answer I think is once a certain level of consistency is sustained diet really is not necessary only 5 days a week.

Calisthenics are very rewarding and have done consistently since I was a teen. After many decades of exercising one gains an insight that is priceless.
Super sets no rest sets my favorite. 
I never stop moving in the gym and don’t rest... I'm known for nonstop. Anyone can run but can you run while you are tired is my motto.




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