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   Birthdate: January, 1991
Height: 6  Weight: 190
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Why hello, my name is Josiah Waggoner and I am an Actor, Bodybuilder, and Model. A little about me. I spent my childhood in the flowing hills of Central New York, where I spent much of my time outdoors. Whether I was in a tree fort, the woods, or my room, I was always creating complex stories in my head. In them, I was a brave hero who was faced with a foe. A daunting task. A difficult decision.

My love of plots and characters stayed with me as I grew and now I live them through my work as an actor, model, and writer. This is one reason why I am so excited to have worked John on this project! From his work I could see how crisp and vibrant his work was. After see his website, I was confident that we could capture shots that were unique and told a story.

My love of storytelling led me to New York City this April. In the time since I have experienced much, as week as, grown physically and mentally. Before NYC, I studied Biology and Exercise Science at Cortland State and was an exercise instructor. During this time, I always felt like I wanted something different and I didn't find what it was until I started to act and write and model. Finally, a destination worth the journey! 

My interest in fitness started when I was young. I worked at a summer camp and the dorm for staff members housed a torture chamber like basement workout space. There were a few rusted pieces of equipment crammed into a small, damp place. That was the beginning.
Years later, I started competing in bodybuilding competitions and fell in love with the sport. I have competed 5 times over the course of my life... So far. I will be competing again in 2018 in the Classic Physique category. The aesthetic focus of this category matches my strengths well and I am looking forward to something new!

My hope is that these photos tell a story that interests and maybe even captivates for a second. With the help of John, I have great faith that it will.







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