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   Birthdate: July, 1990 
Height: 6  Weight: 184, off season 198
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One thing that everyone has in common is we get to choose what we focus on.  And for me, I chose to focus on all the positives that are related to working out.  I started lifting weights when I was just 11 years old and instantly feel in love with the sheer aspect of being able to improve myself.  I become obsessed over it.  I was obsessed with the fact I could lift a weighted object and feel myself grow and improve.  I was completely aware of the other aspects of lifting weights like the “pain”, the sweat, the frequently feeling of being out-of-breath and of course the feeling of fatigue.  But during my training sessions, I couldn’t help but to focus on the things that really mattered to me, my health and my progress with my body.  Everyday became a new adventure and it really gave me a reason to get up in the morning.

I was always a very skinny child growing up.  I would frequently get asked, “Hey man, do you even eat?” “Yes of course I ate,” I would think to myself, but I wasn’t gifted any muscular jeans and always was one of the skinniest in my class.  But fortunately, that didn’t last long for me as I was introduced to a friend’s weight set at an early age and never turned back. 

My incredible focus on the growth and improvement of my body and my unparalleled enjoyment of weight training has lead me to ponder why is there such a gap between the “gym rats” and the “couch potatoes” or the “binge T.V. watchers”.  For this reason, I am privileged to have learned everything I have and know that my purpose is to bridge that gap and help people improve their lives.

I am here to change the way people view the gym and working out.  I hope to educate everyone that working out is single handedly the most important thing you can do in your day.  And don’t get me wrong, I understand that many of us have responsibilities like children, homes, and families.  However, if you are out of shape, tired, and your energy is down, then your level of completing these tasks/responsibilities greatly decreases.

To me, working out has much more psychology than other common associations with it.  What I mean by that, is training yourself works your mind just as much as your body.  In fact, I believe it helps with aligning your mind and body.  Every day I get to focus on a certain body part(s) and feel it enhance itself with each rep of the weights.

I think it is time people changed the way they view the gym and/or working out.  It is time to see it as a place where everyone’s’ ultimate goal is to improve themselves.  Whether it is an elderly person sitting on the bike for a short while, or a bodybuilder training heavily for an upcoming show, everyone is in there improving their bodies and health.  I think this act is taken for granted.

If we decide to choose to focus on the overwhelming benefits of working out, I feel this “gap” can be closed.  I envision more individuals going to and enjoying training their bodies. 

I also found it interesting that some people could get such an enjoyment out of lifting weights and some people would be completely against it.  But now we live in a world where throughout the day in normal conversations you hear words like “cancer” and “diabetes” and where obesity is an epidemic.  It is also now “not cool” to not care about your health, because, as many of us now, life is too damn short.

To many people, on a scale of level of importance, their health is at the bottom.  They have to focus on getting their kids on the bus, or cook dinner, or record their favorite show, and their personal health gets dropped down the ladder. 

I want to coach people to increase that level of importance for their health in order to increase all other aspects of their lives.  It is time to decrease the rates of obesity and cancer deaths by focusing on our health and working to improve it.

             This is my passion and this is why I am here.  I have always been an active individual, playing basketball and football throughout school.  I have always been infatuated with physical activity and it wasn’t until recently where I feel like I have the opportunity to give back and help people change their lives.  










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