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Birthdate: January, 2000   
Height: 5 5 Weight: 152, 143 contest, 160 off season
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My name is Jordan Zhagui, my fitness journey started back in 2014 when I was 14 years old. Working out or trying to have a good physique had never interested me until I started training in pursuit of impressing the girl I had a crush on. A few months into working out I noticed tangible changes in my body composition; from that moment on, I was hooked.

While in school I faced some academic challenges that made me feel like I wasn't amongst the smartest kids in my class. However, my ‘superpowers’ are my high level of commitment, unbreakable willpower and mental determination.

When I set my mind to something, I know I will accomplish it no matter what obstacles get in the way. With these attributes, I set out to improve my school grades (which went from C’s to A+’s) and received honors during high school. Additionally, I embarked on a fitness journey that transformed my body while allowing me the opportunity to participate in countless competitive experiences.

During my sophomore year of high school, I joined the wrestling team. I practiced very hard and showed up very early in the morning to train alone, considerably before anyone else. My wrestling skills improved and as a result the coach promoted me to the varsity classification within my first year. My
wrestling record was 17-10. I continued wrestling through high school and competing in state tournaments. Even though I stopped wrestling due to an injury, I never gave up on lifting weights.

At the age of 17, I set out to learn more about the world of fitness and nutrition through reading books and learning different training techniques. My new and improved diet consisted of eating whole foods along with a customized eating schedule. I also changed my training routine which became more specific, lifting heavy weights and using more compound movements such as squats, deadlifts, bench, and shoulder press; all these changes positively impacted my physique. My body transformed rapidly as I began putting on more muscle mass, with a more defined back, chest, and legs.

My current training program consists of weekly exercises where I split days to target different muscle groups. Three sets of 15 reps and finishing off my last set by adding more weight and doing 6 to 8 reps to failure. My weekly routine is Mondays-chest, Tuesday-legs, Wednesday-rest, Thursday-back, Friday-shoulders and arms.

I have tried different training programs and I found this is what works best for me at this moment. My current rep scheme works because it targets both type 1 and type 2 muscle fibers which yields maximum muscle growth.

At 18, I competed in my first classic physique show at the Long Island, NY Championships and placed second. This was a priceless experience for me because I gathered more knowledge about myself and got a glimpse of what I will be doing in the near future. Currently, my short-term goals are to become a Certified Personal Trainer and earn a degree in exercise science while exploring other possibilities within the modeling and fitness world. My long-term goal is to become an IFBB pro.

My experience working with John was great! He is a very humble and polite guy. During the session we even had a mini food feast and enjoyed it. This was a great way for me to experience modeling/ fitness modeling. I look forward to working with him again in the near future and shooting more quality content.





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