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Birthdate: May, 1988   
Height: 6 1  Weight: 252-260
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 Location: Mansfield, CT

Time: August 2019




My name is Cory I’m a 31-year-old fitness athlete from Connecticut I’m a commercial fisherman out of long Island sound (shellfish) my job is very physical demanding so being physically fit is important not only for my health but also being strong and fast at work. I’ve been training for about ten years now in total and have done some local power lifting events 450/bench 600/squat 675/deadlift my family and friends know me as a very kind and loving person who’s absolutely crazy about my training and getting in my routines at the gym. My obsession with training started as a young man with guys lifting on tv and in magazines  and has continued as I became an adult becoming wise with my training and making progress along the way I have learned so much over the last 4 years I really have been able to fine tune my training for maximum results and over all Heath. Took me a long time to realize how important nutrition is for training and over all heath for example years ago I use to only consume food 3 times a day like most would do but over time and talking to more experienced lifters I realized if I was going to take my body to the next level it would take me including more meals and not just another meal but something of value having everything my body needed this was very important and key to my success in recovery building quality muscle as well. Today I stand 6,1 at 252 pounds something I never thought possible while having a full-time job and being a family man. I would like to give a special thanks to my family for being there for me and always supporting me with my fitness goals and training. 


Would also like to thank John for being very easy and professional to work with when John originally reached out I was skeptical I had never done photography like this before and he was just very understanding and helped me out every step of the way with many things such as my posing and tanning this was important to me and he made me feel very comfortable I would work with John again and highly appreciate all the help he gave me and support along the way highly recommend for people considering doing some photography!





















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