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Birthdate: November, 1978
Height: 5 9 Weight: 187

First of all, I would personally want to thank Marv Blauvelt (great friend and emotional rock), Maggie Baeuer (aka Mom) and Mark Jones (aka Dad), Gary Briggle, and Milo Murrey (who I thank for twisting my arm to step into the fitness and modeling world) for the encouragements and support for me entering into the fitness and modeling industry. I love you all, and every single one of you guys have helped me out emotionally and socially when times got tough for me. I would not know what to do without you guys. But most of all, I want thank all of you for going out of your way to helping me finding routes in the fitness, fashion and modeling industry. Thank you for showing me the ropes and with the bottom of my heart, I love you all. You all are the greatest....

I was born in Kansas City, Missouri, currently 26 yrs. old Asian, aspiring fitness and fashion model, who's trying to get into the bodybuilding and acting industry.... I work out almost 6 days a week and I stay 100% Natural. Being a former fat kid, I try my hardest to stay in shape and improve my body and spirit EVERY SINGLE DAY! So what Kind of supplement and workout program do I use? Well, (LOL) you'd have to ask me personally....All I can say is that it pays to be natural and that "LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL! CHARISH EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF IT!"

I grew up in an Asian family, I never was allowed to do any sports....yes life was extremely boring for me. As much as I loved playing rugby, football, soccer, all those dreams of becoming successful at it were crushed and I never had a chance to retrieve them. That was until I discovered the Art of Bodybuilding. Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise. When I entered the University of Kansas as a freshman, I immediately fell in love with Bodybuilding and Fencing. Though I did graduate College with a BA degree in Journalism and minor in both film and Psychology, I later realized that there is a lot more to offer in the career world other than just working in a cubicle office five days a wk. So "HERE I AM NOW!" Trying hard to pursue and achieve my dreams in fitness and fashion modeling, bodybuilding, acting, etc, AND BE GOOD AT IT! You only fail if you quit! And I do not believe in quitting....EVER!

Personal Quote: "Success is ALWAYS Measured on the Miles you're willing to walk....or run."

"Always look and pursue whatever makes you's you're life, your dreams, your dream big!"

I pretty much spend my spare time at coffee shops, meeting strangers, and making new friends in unusual places. I'm a big fan in discussing Spirituality of all sorts, mythology, and politics....Most expect me to be a bookworm for fitness magazines, but I also love reading magazines on interior designing, antiquities, and my personal favorite, Forbes Magazine and Kiplinger Report.

My personal hobbies are Fencing, horse riding, jet skiing and making to have a balance some how. When I'm not doing anything else, I both veg out and watch TV with some of my best friends. Our favorite shows on TV? Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Charmed, Stargate SG-1, and Stargate Atlantis. I'm a sucker for sci-fi and horror when it comes to movies....But as far as movies are concerned, I dare say that City Of Angels is my all-time favorite movie.

Most people usually ask me what sort of workout program I use. "I don't have one!" I'm one of those guys who simply listen and follow what my heart and body tells me. Yes, I have set schedule days on what I do and which body part to work on, but it's never set in stone. How much and how long do I do it for? ....I just simply listen to what my body tells me...If it says stop? I stop.

Growing up as a kid, I never had the "luxury" to have sweets or much junk food around the house. My family never could afford to buy things like those. Because of that, I never really had a sweet tooth for junk food, soda, etc. And because of my modeling career, I always stay lean! I do not believe in the "Loading Phase"! I used to be an over weight fat ass, and I am definitely not in the mood to going here again! And learning from experience, IT IS 100% POSSIBLE for anybody to build quality muscle and still stay lean throughout the year! Only question is, "ARE YOU WILLING TO DO IT?" Health and fitness is more than a habit, It's a lifestyle...USE IT OR LOOSE IT!

For anybody who is serious about stepping in to the bodybuilding or even the fitness modeling world you have to contact John Mitchell. Not only did John know how to make me look good on camera, but this man definitely knows how to critique my body form and help me better myself and my body for future competition and photoshoots. This man definitely knows how to bring out the best in a bodybuilder and fitness model.

It was also a great honor to be working with bodybuilding champion Mark Dagnall and incoming cross-over power lifter to future bodybuilder Dan Puccio. We had a great time and it is worth every precious minute sharing bodybuilding and nutritional ideas with one another. THAT IS THE KNOWLEDGE THAT EVERYBODY IN THE BODYBUILDING WORLD NEEDS! So if you are serious with what you are doing, I strongly suggest you work with John Mitchell!

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