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Birthdate: December, 1992   
Height: 5 7  Weight: 185
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 Location: Mansfield, CT

Time: July 2019


My name is Walter Lewis Junior, and I am 26 years old. From a young age, I was on a track to be heavily invested in physical fitness, and competition. Playing sports early in life created the discipline needed to stay focused and engaged in rigorous training regimens. My older brother pushed my limits and challenged me to improve my tenacity at every step of training. From the moment I started playing organized sports in third grade I had a competitive edge. I enjoyed the feeling of training to exhaustion. I enjoyed the feeling of completing workout and feeling muscle soreness the next day. At every playing level; pop-warner, high school, and college there was a rush from out working my peers. This started the foundation for my fitness pursuit.

Playing football is a fundamental piece of who I became.  Years of training and practicing would eventually come to an end in my last season of college football. I wanted to continue training. For a time period after my playing career, my training became light to moderate. Maintaining my shape and health became my goal, reaching optimal strength took a back seat. Within the last year discussions with former teammates, and peers sparked a challenge. Improving strength to our highest level while we were still young. I began training for physique but also for power. Using a traditional power lifting model, Olympic weight lifting, and cross training.

As I pursued my own goals, I started to get an interest in helping others obtain their goals. I am currently in the process of developing my own workout plans, and learning about nutrition to incorporate a healthy diet into the transformation process. I take time out of my day to read up on the values of the food we consume, and what styles of training will result in the quickest results. I plan to become certified in personal training and nutrition.

My exercise week is as follows: Sunday I train chest and triceps, Monday Legs and shoulders, Tuesday biceps and highly focused core, Wednesday back and chest, Thursday is reserved for Olympic movements, and Friday legs are hit with emphasis on mobility, jump training, and explosiveness.

My diet I multiple my body weight by 1.5 and calculate how much protein should be consumed in a day. I count calories and calculate how much I should intake for each meal. I focus on the physical improvements specific foods can provide. I research anti-inflammatory effects, how a food might help another break down protein and vitamins.

I enjoy my passion, I can get lost in training. When I am in the gym I am removed from the world, and I focus on my craft. I enjoy a nutrition plan that is not just about changing my physique, but increasing my brain functioning, improving my day to day production, creating an overall healthy mind and body. Life can easily pass us by when we become slaves to our diets. I allow myself time away from a strict diet, and I enjoy eating out with my family and friends. I will have a lower calorie drink and enjoy festivities. I want to base my fitness journey around life balance.

I have personally worked around John for the last three years; only recently did we discover our common interest. John offered to take professional photos of my physique and I was glad to take him on that offer. I am a confident person. My confidence has been instilled in me since a young age. I was extremely pleased to get in front of the camera and allow John to work his magic. John was an extreme pleasure to work with; John’s experience helped me flourish. With little experience posing in the past, John’s expertise provided the perfect direction during the photo shoot. John captures your hard work with precision, displaying your greatest features for everyone to see. With working outside John is dedicated to finding the perfect shot with exceptional lighting. John has a wonderful patience that allows the best shot to come to him. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work with John, and look forward to improving my physique and relationship with John to put together a stronger portfolio.























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