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Birthdate: February, 1994   
Height: 6'  Weight: 197
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            Location: South Chatham, MA

           Time: June, 2021






Q. How long have you been working out and when did you get started? Who was your inspiration in your earlier life to get into the gym?

A. I have been working out seriously now for about three years. The inspiration that drove me to the gym was I was tired for so long being so skinny.


Q. Did you play sports in high school? Did you workout during your high school years? List the sports you played in high school.

A. I did play baseball and basketball in high school plus hitting the local gym everyday after school when I did not have sports practice.


Q. Did you do bodybuilding contests before? If so, when and how did you do? What weight class did you compete at?

A. I was scheduled to do my first NPC Men’s Classic Physique show in CT, but, I had to cancel due to an injury. I hope to compete in Boston at a local show in the Fall.


Q. Briefly describe your workout/diet regiment. What do you do during a typical week in the gym? Do you take supplements?

A. I train the various muscle groups generally once a week with the exception of my “weak areas” which I train two to three times a week. My diet is pretty simple and the supplements I take are usually what everyone should be taking daily.

Q. What are some of your outside interests/hobbies outside of the gym? Favorite foods, music, movies, TV, magazines?

A. I like variety of classic cars.

Q. Where do you see yourself say in 5 years from now?

A.  Hopefully on the cover of a fitness or bodybuilding magazine.


Q. Have you worked with John Mitchell of before? How do you compare these photos from any previous photoshoots you may have had with him?

A. This was my first experience getting professional fitness photography images. Like so many other fitness guys I posted the bathroom, gym images/training videos on my social medial pages. I was kind of nervous never have done this before. I met John of the day before. He was a five-time former bodybuilding judge with the Musclemania organization so he knew his stuff. I practiced the various bodybuilding/fitness poses in my house and in my backyard to get me comfortable in having someone else take photos of my physique. He texted me a list of clothes to bring and the next day we hit the beach for a few hours doing variety of images. In the hot sun I was sweating and it is tough to pose and pose. It was an awesome experience and I hope to do it again and recommend John of to any aspiring fitness athlete.

























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