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Birthdate: October, 1979
Height: 5 9 1/2
Weight: 215+ off-season, 192-195 in-season
Eyes: green  Hair: dark brown  Skin color: tan


This was my second time shooting with John in Tampa, Fl. I felt more confident this time then the last, because I have done a few more shoots since then, one was with a big magazine. It's been about 2 years since we've shot last. He understands me well and what angles work best with me, I always say working the 2nd time with a photographer, it should come natural to both parties. In this case it did, I saw some prelims, and I can't say anything negative. The shoot this time was over a day instead of two days like before. We already had set locations and just banged it out, was relatively quick, painless shoot. After the shoot, John and two other models we went and enjoyed some good food that we've been yearning to eat. The conclusion of the shoot was nice and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

I told John I would like to break into the fitness industry and make it a regular thing.

I have made drastic changes to my body since John has seen me last, and he noticed for himself as well. He told me to add size to my arms and shoulders, and I've certainly have met that, as my v-taper and chest measurements are quite a difference, about 17+ inches (waist to chest). I have also added almost 2 inches to my arms since the last shoot. I would highly recommend anyone, whether you are a rookie or a veteran to shoot with John, he's a great photographer who knows how to bring out the best in you. Thanks John and always a pleasure to meet again.

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