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David C. Frison

Age: 25, 6'2", 218 lbs
17 neck, 45 chest, 17 arms
33 waist, 24 quads, 16.5 calves

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David is originally from Belgium and has been living in the US for 6 years now. While a student in Belgium he was involved in gymnastics, karate and theater in high school. Although he did not involve himself in weight training, the gymnastics and karate during high school was a good start to develop the physique you see in these images. During his summers he was a youth counselor at camp where he would arrange various sports and entertainment activities for the children.

David is now an actor, and works with kids during the weekends. He continues to develop his physique doing resistance movements as well as continuing his gymnastics training. He works out 6x a week following the routine outlined in the upcoming paragraphs.

In August 1999, John Mitchell (host of this site and photographer) was out in Los Angeles working with clients when he came over to David and asked him to take some test shots while he was doing his daily workout in the Venice Sand Pit. Over the next two days for few hours each day they worked together around various Venice backdrops. The pictures came out great and were posted on this page until our recent update.

That year David said: "I enjoyed working with John and although he is a very serious person when it comes to his work, I got him to lighten up a few times and take some "fun crazy" shots with me. Since I had not been photographed before to develop a portfolio book, I did not know what to expect but I was most pleased with the outcome of the shots. When I went home to visit my family the shots arrived a week later and they were a big hit with the family and friends. Going to be using some of these images now in my model portfolio book. I can highly recommend anyone looking to develop a model/fitness portfolio to contact John.

Today he says: "I'm baaaaack! (Daver is a joker) Also John, I want to thank you for your time and work. It really paid off; I have been able to use my portfolio professionally. John who now is my friend told me he'd be back in the summer of 2000 for another session; I told him I'd be ready".

Well, what an amazing make over David pulled on john. Two months prior to the shoot and for the first time, David trained with weights. The result was… let's use John's words: "Oh my God, David… wow!" Followed by a ten seconds blank. For the next five days, John and David drove across town (Malibu, Santa Monica, Venice & Marina Del Rey) taking photographs from the nicest backgrounds Southern California has to offer, and now offered to you on this very site.

My Work Out

Before I do any of my daily routines you will find me doing various stretching warm up exercises and general gymnastics. I do not lift weights but use my own weight as resistance along with 7# and 10# ankle and wrist weights for added resistance. You may run into me doing my daily workouts at the "Sand Pit" at Muscle Beach.

On day one I do various gymnastic moves that accentuate the chest, triceps, shoulders and abs. I use the parallel bars doing handstands, dips and pushups. The movements I do to train the chest, triceps and shoulders are considered all pushing type exercises. For my abs I use the parallel bars doing "L-shape" dips with 7# ankle weights on each ankle for added weight resistance. Continue working the abs by doing sit-ups and leg rises afterwards.

Biceps and back are trained on the second day. Climbing the ropes in the sand pit and doing pull up on the rings are great ways to build up the bicep. Look at the bicep peak I developed doing these type of exercises! I do high bar pull-ups and chin-ups to exercise my back.

On the third day I work my legs; squats, lunges, some running in soft sand, calves raises, jumping, back flipping etc. The following three days are a repeat of the previous three. I give the sand and the equipment a rest on the seventh day.

Here is my diet that I have been following that has been successful for me. Note that I work out after two meals; my energy level is higher then. For breakfast I eat either 5 egg whites and bread, or milk and cereal when I don't have time or patience to cook. For lunch I have anything healthy like soup, bread and turkey breast or pasta or salad. Because I have a fast metabolism I can eat sweets (I have a very sweet tooth) such as cookies for the added sugar necessary that my body needs for my workouts. Dinner consists of PROTEIN; after a work out, that's all you need. Chicken or steak assorted meats with vegetables or a salad rich in tuna or more egg whites. In the evening I may have a yogurt and a banana.

I have varied interests besides working out. I like European techno music, dancing, variety of movies from romantic stuff, comedies to action, and socializing with close friends. Also, Sly Stallone rules in my book!

With the new portfolio John has done this past summer I already have caught the attention of a L.A. fitness agent. I am here, I want more! Please contact me!

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