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Jim Rush

age 34, height: 5 10, weight 190
bf: 6%, neck: 17, chest: 47
arms: 18, waist: 30
quads: 25.5, calves:16

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Hi, My name is James Rush I currently live in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Originally from a very small town in Michigan. I started lifting weights after high school. I was 5'10 at 135lbs. I was tired of being skinny and the last one picked for all sports and the last one picked by the girls. I knew there was a special beautiful person in there somewhere and I wanted everyone to know it. I decided to start lifting to get bigger and to gain self-confidence. Well by the time my 5 year class reunion came I have to say heads were turning and tongues were wagging. I felt awesome! I can't tell you the self-confidence that lifting has given me. I have never gotten cocky, just more confident. Nothing makes a person more ugly than someone who thinks their shit don't stink. You meet someone like that, you got someone with some insecurities they are hiding. After seeing for myself the results of muscle and self-confidence I haven't quit. I started a company called "Pump'n Inc" a private fitness facility for those who want private training outside a public gym. It has been a great success, I have taken on a partner and we are going to expand Pump'n Inc. beyond anything I imagined. I also became a Licensed Massage Therapist to add to the facility. Modeling has always been on the back burner but is now becoming one of the major things in my life. I enjoy it very much and have come along way since high school.

When John approached me to do pics, I was a little skeptical. I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I have to say right from the start, I was completely comfortable with him. He is very professional and was probably the best photographer yet to take my pics. He took 29 rolls of me and I have never been happier with pics, than I was with his. John never used a reflector or anything the quality of the pics were phenomenal and for the first time I loved the pics he took of me. I usually always find some flaw in my own pics but with John's I was hard pressed to find any. I will definitely use John again I just wish he lived in South Florida. I recommend him to everyone.

Never lose faith in yourself and keep believing in you dreams No one can take that from you. Trust God and keep your faith! Everything falls in place. Nice to meet you all and feel free to email me. Thanks again, James Rush

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