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Birthdate: July, 1979
Height: 6
Weight: 185

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Sometimes, change can be a good thing. Unfortunately, many people fear change. I, myself, have had trouble accepting change in the past. It is easy to become comfortable with a situation, or a lifestyle, or even a person. Sometimes we believe that a change will disrupt the equilibrium in our perfectly balanced universe. However, sometimes we need to have things disrupted. Sometimes that comfortable setting needs to be jostled in order for us to see what we're missing out on by refusing to live outside the comfortable world we've created for ourselves. It took me a while to realize I needed a change, but once I made the discovery, I never once regretted it.

I had created a comfortable world for myself in college. I had chosen to major in accounting, for I liked math and enjoyed the first few accounting classes in which I had enrolled. I had just moved into an apartment in San Diego, I went out on the weekends with my group of friends, and I went to class. This was a pretty standard schedule for me. The equilibrium of my world seemed pretty solid. However, after I had endured a couple of semesters of accounting classes, my original career ambitions seemed less desirable. The more classes I took, the less appealing they became, and the more I realized that I didn't want to work 40 hours a week in front of a computer just to have a paycheck. I became very frustrated with my situation, and I needed a release. That release came in the form of modeling and acting.

I had already begun modeling for a few fitness magazines as I attended school, and as I became less interested in my major, I began to pursue it more vigorously. The work was fun, easy, and paid well. It also brought me closer to a dream I had always fantasized about but never really pursued: being a big-time actor. Although I hadn't acted in years, I was able to get some small opportunities through my agency, and with each opportunity came more confidence in myself. When I started college, it seemed much more sensible to go after something I knew I could do and that essentially guaranteed me a job after graduation. Now that I finally saw that the prospect of acting was indeed a possibility, I began to want it more and more. By the time I had graduated from college with my accounting degree, I knew that what I wanted to do wasn't accounting. It was acting.

After college I relocated to the Bay Area to continue my journey towards my dream, and ultimate goal, of becoming a successful actor. I have met with an equal amount of success and failure along the way, but I view both as steps in the right direction. I am doing what makes me happy, and I know that as long as I believe in my ambitions, and myself, I cannot fail.

Working with John was a very enjoyable experience for me. John was very pleasant and friendly throughout my weekend with him, and while he had specific ideas for what he wanted to accomplish with our photo shoot and how to accomplish them, he was open to my suggestions as well. He is meticulous and organized in his photography, which produces some great results. I would recommend John to anyone interested in having some photos taken, whether a novice or a professional. I look forward to shooting with John again in the future.

Dateline: October 10, 2003
All My Children and the ABC Television network announces that:
Timothy Heinrich is the Sexiest Man in America!!!!

Congratulations Tim.
Thank you in letting me play a part in helping you achieve this goal.
Your friend, John Mitchell, BBPics Photography

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