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Birthdate: September, 1983
Height: 6 1 Weight: 187


My life started out very different from what it now has become. Growing up in northern Canada I was raised on a farm I was raised around hunting, trapping, fishing anything outdoors I pretty much did. The thought of modeling or bodybuilding or anything along those lines never occurred to me. At the age of 12 I developed an interest and a love for the sport of basketball and it took over my life. During the school year I would play on school teams as soon as season was finished. I would then play on provincial teams until mid summer then I would attend a minimum of training camps in training for the season to come. To be ahead of the game I trained 3-5 hours a day of strength, track and regular practices and developed myself into a real athlete. Basketball took me across Canada and also the United States. The highlight of my years in basketball play would have to have been the world youth championships in Hawaii, but unfortunately it had to end some day.

The strength I gained from basketball made my work in the gym a lot easier within a year of working out I grew from a 160-pound weakling to a 200-pound muscle machine within 2 years of starting training. The body I had made for myself ended up having another use that had never occurred to me. I was scouted and signed on with two modeling agencies; Baltimore based M.P.E Model Management and Ricardo Gay in Milan. The modeling world appreciated the work I had done but they felt my look was more marketable for the fashion industry. Ultimately I decided to throw away the work I had done and take off the 20-25 pounds of muscle that was recommended to me to loose. It was a hard decision and but it has worked out very well for me.

Through my career I have had many things hold me back a vehicle accident that almost cost me my life and a run in with a table saw that has left me with 3 non usable fingers. Despite all the injuries I have held on and kept focused on my goals. With the standards a model has to put up set backs can cause a career to end early. Certain expectations can end up being very hard on an individual's body such as gaining 10 pounds for a limited time or even taking off up to 20 pounds within a month. It is a sacrifice that you have to be ready to take, the positives along with the negatives.

As a result doors have been opened to many life changing experiences like extra work on television shows such as the " The West Wing" or hanging out at F-TV parties and even radio commercials, but I still have not done all I can and would like to do. I am very happy with my life in modeling it has brought me to new places and allowed me to meet new people that I would have never met otherwise I have many goals I have not accomplished as of yet but in due time they will become a reality. I have many goals I have not accomplished as of yet, but in due time they will become a reality. The year ahead of me is a busy one I am currently planning for a tour of all the main modeling centers in Europe and John Mitchell's pictures and advice are sure to help me in my future.

Outside of the modeling world I live a normal life when I am at home I work along side my family in our businesses and also in a local nightclub. My hobbies include some previously mentioned such as hunting and other outdoor activities. I also have a love for rodeo life and I plan to work on the Canadian rodeo circuit in the summer of 2006. One hobby that has stuck with me my whole life is that of carpentry and I am always challenging myself to build whatever I can from kitchens to custom guitars. Music has also played a very large role in my life and I felt that being a professional bass player was my career calling until my unfortunate accident with a table saw. Only recently have I regained the ability to play but now it is simply another thing I do to pass the time; while I am at home waiting for the call to pack my bags and move to a new city to pursue my career in modeling.

John Mitchell my good friend and advisor, who I have known for almost 2 years now, has been a great influence in my career. I enjoy John's outgoing personality and professionalism and his love for photography makes him a great person to work with. I am very glad I got the chance to come down to Hartford to shoot with John. In the weekend I shot with him I had a great time and got the chance to meet some very nice people and I am more than happy with the way the shots went and the how they were done. I thank him for all the help he has given me and his pictures will make a very good addition to my modeling portfolio. Thank you John.

All in all the sacrifices and struggles in my life have been worth it. I feel everything happens for a reason and although it may not be clear at the time, but I always hope to learn from my experiences.

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