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Birthdate: April, 1986
Height: 5 8  Weight: 140

My name is Brian Schelter, I live in Los Angeles California, I started modeling about a year ago this time, so I guess you could say I have a little bit of experience. I'm currently working as a personal trainer here in LA, and would hope to further my modeling career as well as possibly get into some acting myself, and John gave me the necessary tools to take me to the next level in competition. As a personal trainer I believe the way to a happy life is through a healthy body, and that's why I chose the career path as a personal trainer, because I believe I can make a difference in people, and the feeling you get when your client comes up to you after their first months session going through vigorous pain and says to me (thank you. you made a difference in my life) and it warms my heart to see the smile on their faces because they reached their goal, I am also a certified nutrition consultant. I also like to focus on spiritual concentration with the body and mind together and combine the three, nutrition, hard work in the gym, and making connections to the body through the mind and being one with your body, and once I completed all three phases with you I promise great results and you will be cleansed of any unhealthy barriers in your health. That is my job as a personal trainer.

John is a great guy and he's greatly appreciated for that we talked for about roughly four months prior to his departure to LA about our photoshoot and he's very professional and he actually keeps in touch with his models which is hard to find now a days in this business and he's a very outgoing guy and I hope to work with him more in the future.

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