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Birthdate: May, 1981
Height: 6 1 Weight: 182

I grew up in a very small town on the outskirts of Rochester, Minnesota. It was a miserable place to grow up for the most part, but it had some perks I'll not forget. I lived off in the countryside, maybe 3 miles from the local small town, and just behind my house, beautiful woods filled with gorges, meadows, and rivers would insure that some of my sanity would still remain in the midst of a very interesting and ominous childhood.

I spent a lot of time in the woods, writing and thinking about my life, wondering if there was a divine plan for each of us or if mere chance placed us on this large spinning rock. I was never given a specific answer while I was in those woods, but I did develop closeness with nature and fondness for solitude in the outdoors.

It wasn't a big surprise when I decided to attend college in Duluth at the University of Minnesota because the environment of that port town there on Lake Superior very much emulated those particulars about nature and solitude that graced my earlier living. I landed in college with aspirations toward the medical field. After, I decided that wasn't the right plan for me, I considered law, but the luster of that possibility lasted no longer than my interest in the medical field.

During the summer following my freshman year, a lot happened. While I won't sully my image completely by illuminating everything that happened, I will say that I did a lot of soul searching and a lot of growing up. I came back my sophomore year feeling renewed and ready to find my path. It took my first psychology course in a lecture hall of 300 students to unleash my passion. This class was enormous, but without exaggeration, 80% of the class time was comprised of the professor and I arguing back and forth about various psychological constructs, theories, but predominantly our markedly different philosophies on free-will and determinism. He incited the passion in me to pursue psychology and I thank him very much for that, but he passed away my senior year on the last day of finals and his early death was surely attributed to choices that he made, choices, not determined behavioral impulses.

I would go on to get straight A's thru my major and continue with psychology until I graduated in May of 2003. Since then, I have been waiting until I have the resources to go to graduate school. School is a perfect place for me. I enjoy learning and I have a competitive academic spirit that relishes acknowledgement. <*smile*> I'm working in Boulder, CO at the moment and snowboarding whenever I get a day off.

I decided to do a shoot with John because I've been thinking of plunging into the modeling and or acting industry for years and I see this as a necessary stepping stone. I've had some experiences with photographers that I'd rather forget, but John comes across different. I enjoy his work, I trust his judgment, and I respect his criticism. I very much appreciate him helping me create a professional portfolio. Maybe it'll make something happen for me.

Mr. Mitchell is a passionate, pleasant, professional photographer and for him to take such a faithful, real interest in my potential as a model was truly flattering. I just finished up working with him this weekend and had an excellent experience. The first day was raining, so we scrapped shooting outside and made our way to a gym nearby Boston, a couple hours away. I forgot sneakers for the shoot and when I told John, he seemed to exhibit some mild symptoms of post traumatic stress. *smile* After that passed, we went to the local mall and I found some great sneakers on sale... I appreciated John's patience in delaying the shoot so I could get my wardrobe together!

He brought me out to eat on his own dime a couple times and even cooked Salmon for me the last night I was there. He was tremendously hospitable as a host and I would have no reservations about staying at his place for another weekend shoot in the near future. I initially met him from the internet and thus, I was immediately skeptical because of some prior experiences. Through our phone conversations and observing his existing work, I warmed up to him and trusted his ability. Between shooting and spending time with John, I learned that he's a classy, quality guy and I'm glad I ventured to Connecticut to find that out.

I thought the first photoshoot that John and I did together was great, but the second time around was even better! I definitely had another excellent photoshoot with John. We were able to incorporate some new scenes this time, including a very fun waterfall set. I know that John is more accustomed to working with bodybuilders, but he had no trouble capturing my look. John and I worked together to take shots that were personally flattering for my physique. He may have done more work with bodybuilders, but his versatility with me really shows the breadth of his talent. He's an outstanding host and a terrific photographer. I really appreciate all of his time and effort with me. I'd like to say thank you very much and I look forward to more shots down the line.

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