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age: 28 height: 6 weight: 230
neck: 17 chest: 50 biceps: 20 1/4
waist: 30 quads 29: calves: 16 1/2

Greetings!! Let me start off by thanking you for visiting my personal site. I hope that you will find these photos to be tasteful and expressive of who I am. My name is Travis Murphy, Native American, Italian heritage.

I was born and raised mostly in Indianapolis, Indiana by my mother. I have a younger brother and sister who have absolutely nothing to do with fitness at all, believe it or not.

Currently, I am in contest shape, competing twice this year to secure national qualification, which I have done. I won the Lightheavyweight class at the 2000 Indianapolis which has grown to include 85-90 competitors, which for local standards is pretty good. It was a very close call in the overall, which went to the heavyweight. Now, I will be weighing in at 212lbs or so, competing at the 2000 Indiana State show, as a heavyweight.

My personal interests include, of all things, cooking, movies, travel, fine dining, dancing, and spending time with friends and family.

My purpose of this site is to advertise myself and provide exposure for potential opportunities in modeling, acting, etc. Also, any interest in private fitness or diet consultations are welcome as that has become a large part of my daily activities and I have yet to have anyone not reach his or her goals!!

Anyone interested in contacting me regarding these should email me then a call can be arranged.

Thanks to John Mitchell for the fantastic job he has done on this site and the quality photos presented. If you are interested in purchasing any photos that are displayed on this site, please email me at Thank you.

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