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Birthdate: January, 1982
Height: 5 9 Weight: 170, contest 163
Chest: 43 Arms: 17
Waist: 32 Quads: 23

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I am 22 years old, born and raised on Long Island New York. Just graduated from Suffolk Community College with an Associates Degree as a Fitness Specialist. Attending Hofstra University to continue my education in Physical Education. I am a personal trainer nationally certified through the American College of Sports Medicine, Nautilus, First-aid and CPR.

I have been lifting weights since I was 14. By the age of 17 I became more serious with my training and joined a local gym. I have been dedicated ever since and have a passion for bodybuilding that no one can take from me. Now at age 22, I have competed in my first two competitions. I chose the INBF because it is one of the strictest natural organizations. You must be seven years drug free, as I am a lifetime natural bodybuilder. I jumped right into the open division placing 6th at the first one and placing 8th at a Super Pro-qualifier. I am only just beginning my competitive career and will continue my journey.

I plan on becoming a Physical Education Teacher, but also have aspirations for acting, modeling, and owning a health club.

I am outgoing, as I like to dance, play sports, go to the beach, watch movies, and shopping as hobbies.


Mon: Chest/abs/calves
Tue: Back
Wed: Legs/abs
Thu: Shoulders & Traps
Fri: Arms/Abs

My training consists of one body part a week, except for abdominal & calves. Abdominal because they recover so fast since they are an endurance muscle group, I hit them every other day which helps me keep them tight and sharp, also I will add obliques in there once or twice a week. Calves are one of my weak points so I prioritize them by training them 3 times a week, I always shock them by adjusting the sequence, repetitions, and various exercises. I train one body part a week because as being a natural bodybuilder recovery is so important. If you are training correctly, a specific muscle group may need between at least 3 to 7 days to fully recover sometimes even more time. Abdominals and calves are composed of mostly type 1 fibers (endurance fibers), so they need to be trained in a higher rep range like 15 to 20 reps, and hit more frequently because they can recover faster. Remember it is always better to under train than to over train, guaranteed better results.


Protein = 55%
Carbs = 40%
Fats = 5%

I am a carnivorous creature, I love meat, so protein is an important priority for my muscles and me. I eat turkey, chicken, steak, tuna, and burgers to get the protein I need. As for carbs I eat wheat bread, potatoes, yams, brown rice, and fruit. I get my fat through the foods I eat as it naturally occurs. I eat bran, wheat, and vegetables as my source of fiber. I eat about 1 gram of protein per lb. of body weight. I have a lot of willpower so I stay to this diet strictly, but I do allow myself to have one or two cheat days, in which I will eat some of my favorite foods. Cheat days are good once in a while because it allows your body to be a more efficient fat burner. I drink 1 to 2 gallons of water daily, also by drinking ice cold water helps to burn more calories, because your digestive system has to work harder to change the temperature and absorb it.

Some of my favorite foods are pizza, McDonald's, Taco Bell, Chinese food, Chicken parm. penne ala vodka, sour patch kids, skittles, Coca-Cola, donuts, cooler ranch doritos. As you can see I love to eat, oh yeah can't forget the New York cheesecake.

John Mitchell is an awesome photographer; he is fun and exciting, yet at the same time very professional and creative. He is always full of energy and is consistently motivated as he takes his shot seriously. He is well rounded and has the knowledge, confidence, and patience to bring you to the next level. All in all a great guy!

I would like to give a special thanks to Craig W. Shoop and The Gedney Modeling Agency for inviting me to join them on their shoot, it was a great privilege to work with agency models and a learning experience as well.

My Words Of Wisdom: Set goals, Stay focused, be positive, be self-motivated, and don't procrastinate.

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