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Height: 6 Weight: 210 Chest: 44 1/2
Arms: 17 1/2 Waist: 31

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James Davis is accustomed to 15- hour workdays. When not preparing for a natural bodybuilding competition like the Musclemania Fitness Atlantic or the Musclemania Superbody, he is spending time fine tuning client's fitness routines and programs at the Abz of Adoniss which is a personal training fitness center in Woodridge, New York, or training clients at Work Out World of Fairview New Jersey.

With a book in its final stages, a supplement line to be introduced and a personal training certification organization it is a wonder how James naturally manages to keep 6% of body fat with 195 lbs of ripped to the bone muscle on his 6-foot frame.

James says when asked, "I always stick to a 3 on 1 with, pyramids, double sets, triple sets, full range of motion, strict form, never do under 10 reps for any exercise or body part and always be sure to keep the intensity HIGH, no more than 75 minutes per workout. That is how I keep in this shape all year round and naturally."

With time constraints like these you can understand how difficult it would be to get James and photographer John Mitchell of BBPics Photography together for an on location shoot that would last 5 plus hours! James says, "At first I received a call and I thought with all the photographers I have worked with previously there are far too many freaks to be bothered with and I just do not have time to chase dreams or fame. John was quite the professional on the phone explaining in very detailed length how a photoshoot with BBPics Photography would progress. I said no but I would think it over and if I have a break (which would never happen I thought) that I would work with him."

A week followed our initial phone conversation and we had scheduled our shoot in Connecticut for Friday August 15th. None of us would know that on Thursday, August 14th there was going to be a massive blackout in the Northeastern United States. I got hold of John and told him my business was without power and that I may have to cancel our shoot because of the situation. John was a pro and understood the situation and told me to try to make the trip to Connecticut. I was in constant communication from my cell phone, as the trip became a 5-hour ordeal due to unusual heavy traffic. I kept John informed as he continued to work with another client as he awaited my arrival.

Finally I arrived and met John who was warm and receptive after being out in the 90-degree sun shooting a client since 9am! So, the photoshoot started and John was on point with great direction, was easy to work and get along with and was the complete professional for the full duration of the shoot that ended within 2 hours shooting in the late summer afternoon that day. We completed the shoot taking 8 rolls of film. It was like clockwork.

"Look at the shots on the site. Now if you find a photographer that has enough insight, vision, and depth, to bring out the best of oneself that sets you apart from the rest, then John Mitchell is the person you have to work with."

You need not travel to his facility to gain his expertise since you can reap the rewards at:

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