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Stats & Images from 2002
Home: Long Island, New York
Height 5'8", Weight 210
Arms: 19 ½", Waist: 31", Chest: 54"

I became interested in bodybuilding in high school. I like the sport because of the hard work, discipline, sacrifice, and dedication necessary in order to achieve results. Outside of bodybuilding, my hobbies include Ju-Jitsu (which I have practiced since age 8 and for which I have achieved a black belt), scuba diving and dancing. My future goals and aspirations would be to enter bodybuilding competitions. My goal in competitions is always to win, however, I must say that I already consider myself a winner as a result of maintaining a healthy body, a sharp mind and an active lifestyle. I would also like to do some fitness modeling, product endorsements, personal training and posing exhibitions. If you are interested in hiring me, please contact my management to discuss your proposals. I would be most appreciative.

I would like to thank everyone that has supported me and helped me to pursue my dreams, especially my family and friends. A special thank you goes out to a wonderful person, John Mitchell, for spending the time and effort of doing my photo shoot. John is a very gifted photographer and I would recommend him to any other model or bodybuilder interested in building their portfolios.

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Management: Sanco Management,
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