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Born May, 1978
Measured 3 months after his contest:
height: 5' 8", weight: 215
neck: 17, chest: 50, arms: 18
waist: 33, quads: 26, calves: 17.5

My name is Erich Blancaflor and I currently reside in the city of Vancouver, Washington. Vancouver is a wonderful place to live and grow. Having the city of Portland, Oregon so close but not having to live there is just how I like it. My profession is in the Food Production and Manufacturing industry.

Fitness and Bodybuilding have long been a part of my life ever since an early age of 10years old. I grew up near the Army Base at Fort Lewis, Washington and began exercising as a way to have fun and keep up with my older brother, Hermann. My father regularly took us to the exercise facilities on Ft. Lewis, and we partook in a number of different activities ranging from racquetball, billiards to swim classes in the pool. My father gave us some instruction, but mainly left it to us to find out how the sport/activity fit for us.

My first affair with weights was using the "Nautilus" line of machines designed to give the complete body workout. I didn't know it yet, but this started the ball rolling for a very balanced physique. My brother and I learned about breaking up the workouts into upper and lower body workouts and we were very competitive about what we lifted. Once we started varying our workouts with free weights we still kept in mind that all of the muscles of the body must be worked. Keep in mind that I was only 12 at this point.
I found in my fathers house an old issue of Muscle and Fitness which soon inspired me: "I wanna look like THAT!"

So that began my quest. I did my first bodybuilding competition at 14 and took 1st place in the juniors category. So that gave me a great introduction to bodybuilding as a sport.

I kept competing through High School and then through College at Washington State University (Go Cougs!) where I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition.

Since moving out here to the Portland, Oregon area I've competed in two competitions and have done very well. I'm officially qualified for National Competition, but I'm more interested in Bodybuilding as a hobby and for fun rather than a MUST WIN situation. I'm currently steering my career into the field of nutritional supplements. But bodybuilding is in my bones (actually in my muscles) and I'm sure people haven't seen the last of Competitive Bodybuilder Erich Blancaflor.

In closing I'd like to thank John Mitchell for being the professional master that he is, and also for being as tenacious as he is! I might have missed the opportunity for this photo shoot had I not been contacted personally by him on my cell phone. John was very professional in his photo shoots and made me feel right at home (well, I WAS in my own city!). Thanks again, John.

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