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Age 29
height 5' 11" weight 185
neck 16, arms 18, waist 31

I was born and raised in Waukegan, Il. At a very young age I was put in sports at an early for hockey, football, and baseball. I was all-conference in high school two years in a row in football. I enjoyed anything athletic that would take strength and ability, and was always pushing myself to get good at as many activities as I could; starting to lift weights for football; it was a very natural progression for me. I can remember getting some weights at a yard sale with my father and making a gym in our basement. He built this really uncomfortable bench press out of wood but it ended up working really well. I was probably like fourteen or fifteen years old and after a while I was getting hooked on watching my muscles slowly develop, as I got stronger. I think back then I saw myself as too skinny and lots of my motivation probably came from wanting to change that.

It wasn't until 1999 that I started modeling. My first photo shoot with photographer Richard Morris. I was selected to be on the cover of Exercise for Men Only. That is basically how I got into modeling. I went through many different print and commercial agents around the world. I was modeling for stuff like fashion, health and fitness, medical and pharmaceutical companies, catalogs, underwear packaging, and lots of physique work kept me busy and constantly trying to improve my body to compete with all the models in the World. Some clients I did work for are, Lord & Taylor, Wilke-Rodriguiz, and International Male. I started appearing in, Italian Vogue, Exercise for Men Only, Men's Exercise, and I was in commercials for Sears, and Foot Locker in Los Angeles this year.

Right now I'm living in Newport Beach and I continue to pursue modeling, part-time because I want to pursue my real passion as a personal trainer and massage therapy. I am in the process of making an abs video for the average person and a lifestyle video of my everyday exciting life. . I enjoy helping people to achieve something and being a business owner of fitness goals. I spend my days working my clients out. Also, working myself out. In my spare time I love exploring the southern California on my bike, clearing my mind and relaxing on the beach. Keeping harmony and balance in my life.

This past summer I think I've started and adhered to the best and healthiest eating habits I've ever had. My diet is very strict, and I feel that it is responsible for so very much of what I achieve when coupled with my efforts at the gym.... I mean, I could work like crazy in the gym, and I think that my results would be determined more by my diet than by what I was doing in the gym. Nutrition is like the soil for a beautiful and healthy body to grow in. We have the option of creating the best environment for our bodies, and the more we tend to it and give it quality nourishment, the better it responds and looks, not to mention the better we feel.

I do fluctuate my weight by 10-20 lbs. The agencies and advertisers like to see a lean complete physique so it takes lot's of disciplinant to keep my weight down so I do lot's of cardio and lesser weights to keep the muscle mass off.

I know - this is all a lot of work, and not all that exciting - but you asked! It helps to be just a little crazy, motivated by my personal best and disciplined (afraid of failure), or just simply inspired to be your own personal best. I am all of the above, as well as somewhat challenged by the competition in this Modeling/fitness industry and the desire to attain personal victories and goals and succeed!

So that's all for now. Thanks for checking out my website, and I hope you enjoyed all the images and the content. Come back again, as the site and photos are updated frequently.

Peace, Love, and Happiness

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