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Jonathan Goll

Birthdate: November, 1976
Height: 6
Weight: 225 to 240

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Born November 19, 1976 in Stratford, Connecticut, this 6', 245 lb. muscle machine is nationally ranked and the holder of many titles, Jonathan became turned on to bodybuilding while attending Quinnipiac University at approx. 20 years old. After winning his first show at Quinnipiac, Jonathan went on to dominate the natural bodybuilding world. Jonathan made his name widely known, first on the East Coast by winning numerous titles, then venturing to the West Coast displaying his faultless physique at Muscle Mania World, Redondo Beach, California. Quoted as being the "future powerhouse of natural bodybuilding", Jonathan is known for his all-American good looks and perfect symmetry and has been seen on ESPN's American Muscle as well as Xenedrine and many other supplement ads. Working with people such as John Mitchell Jonathan is broadening his exposure in the bodybuilding industry.
As for his first photo shoot working with John Mitchell it was nothing short of a great experience. John was able to mix both professionalism and body building knowledge letting you know you were working with a true professional.

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