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Having been around the sports of bodybuilding and fitness over the years, I have some good news to report, an admirable champion was given the trophy! If that sounds like a knock on the character of other people it's not. It's an exceptional praise for an up and coming figure competitor named Trisha Lobo. Trisha isn't a camera wolf and isn't a jobless nomad on a quest for the golden trophy. Sounds funny right? Every one of us knows someone like that, don't we? Well, this Figure Champion isn't that person. Trisha is a full time personal trainer, aerobics instructor, figure competitor and mom of three that is as unassuming as she is sweet. When asked who has been a positive influence in her life, she quickly responds without any hesitation, "my family is very supportive to me. My kids think my competing is "cool," my daughters want biceps now". At 5'2" and weighing in at 115 lbs, Trisha has a daughter in pre-school, a daughter going into middle school and a son in high school who is now bigger than she is. What impresses me about her is how well she balances her life. Trisha's trainer Justinian (Justin) Miller says, "I admire the girl's integrity, the day before she wins her show, she's here in the gym training like 5 clients with pro tan on in between periods of driving around town running multiple errands like it's any day of the week. That definitely impressed me! I'd be in a much more selfish place than that the day before a competition, but she does it all with a smile".

Trisha is quick to point out her trainer's help at critical moments. "Justin was a huge help to me the last few weeks. You have to trust in someone's judgment because your mind plays tricks on what you see in the mirror sometimes. He was instrumental in helping me with the Atlantic States this year. He has vision and I trust what he says because he tells it like it is!" (Trisha won the NPC Atlantic States Figure Title in July of this year and is competing in the upcoming NPC National Figure Championships on August 8 & 9 at Tribeca Performing arts here in NY). Trisha had entered a figure competition for the first time in November of 2001 and placed 5th making her want to come in better for the next time. "I trained hard for this show, especially toward the end. I averaged about 2 hrs a day of cardio and weight trained 3 days a week. I hit each body part only 1 x per week and make sure I balance my diet. Two mistakes many girls make prior to shows are over-training and over dieting. I like to keep a balanced approach and give my body plenty of recovery since I'm in a caloric deficit."

The National Figure Championship hopeful believes in eating a balanced diet year round taking in good protein sources, complex carbs and essential fats. She uses the weekend as her "cheat time." When she diets for shows, she follows a high protein, fairly low-carb, low fat diet of approach. "When it came time to eat some extra food the day before going on stage this year, I just had some red meat and extra sweet potatoes. If you put food in your body, it's not used to you are taking chances."

Trisha has made progress in building muscle over the last couple of years since she started working at Power Fitness in Old Brookville, NY. "The trainers here are all in very good shape and being in that type of atmosphere motivates you to want to improve as well." At Power Fitness, she is a full time trainer and teaches at least 6 aerobics classes a week. "People say that I should cut down on my work schedule and my classes when it comes closer to the shows, but I disagree. To me figure is more than just looks. I know it's simply a visual look on stage, but that's not why I do it when you break it all down," says the 34-year-old champion. "Whether you place the way you want is not the important thing. When I walk on stage, I walk on with who I am as a person. I'm a caring loving mom and a person that has passion. So when I walk up there, I go up as an athlete and a complete human being who is aspiring to become more."

You can't help but love this girl's attitude. Did I say girl? I meant to say woman, because she is a complete woman in every sense of the word. A lifetime drug free figure competitor whom, with a few more lbs. of muscle, can be a leading spokes person for this new sport in the professional ranks. She exudes the spirit of a winner. Best of luck Trisha Lobo; the sport needs a few more like you. Supplement companies take notice; this one is an up and coming gem!

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